Midea’s air conditioners are for smart and elegant living

The air conditioners of Concepcion Midea Inc. do not just cool the air in the rooms you are in – they also transform its environment to suit your long-term lifestyle as well as your current mood. The atmosphere they set in your home and/or office makes that location an extension of your personality and who you are, regardless of whether you are a high-powered active individual who thrives on a challenging lifestyle or the more quiet type who prefers to relax in a serene setting after work. Midea’s airconditioners come equipped with innovative design technology that enhances the way you live.

“Two choices give you the best of both worlds: the Midea Genesis White and the Midea Mirror Black,” says Mr. Phillip Trapaga, CMI General Manager. “Each has unique features that correspond to its owner’s needs and are designed to provide utmost satisfaction. The air conditioner is no longer just a machine that lowers temperature to provide us comfort and convenience. Rather, it is a vital piece of equipment that helps set our mood which in turn is critical to our performance at work and home; it is also critical in assuring our well-being.”

First, the Midea Genesis White’s quiet mode slows down the fan speed while lowering the indoor unit’s noise levels to just 20 decibels. Imagine just perfect silence in your bed room and living room: ideal for a restful sleep, a calming meditation or prayer time, or just the rare privilege of being idle for a few minutes. It is available in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 Hp units and ushers in that kind of precious silence that helps you in feeling calm and peaceful. . The Midea Genesis White also self-cleanses, which give you more time to rest while ensuring that the indoor unit is dry. This prevents molds from breeding so that the air is always pure and safe.

Meanwhile, the Midea Mirror Black series is an eye-catching option for those who value sophistication and intelligence. The only model in the country to do so, its black panel immediately denotes class and timelessness. Its technology makes it efficient compared to other brands, bringing coolness while containing a bit of the energy that the adrenaline-charged, perpetually mentally active professionals need and look for. It also comes in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 Hp units.

Like the Midea Genesis White, the Midea Mirror Black series has a self-cleansing mechanism that removes all the dirt and other toxins from its filters on its own, allowing you to spend more time and energy on other activities. Its speed and capabilities to determine the lowering of temperature in your spaces at exactly the right moment for a precise particular of time reduce unnecessary use of power and thus lowers your electricity bills.

Both Midea Genesis White and Mirror Black also come with features for saving up on your power rates. The Turbo Inverter feature does this by automatically switching from compressor to fan when the desired room temperature is already reached. So instead of the unit being in full power the entire time, it will just adjust itself from compressor to fan depending on the cooling need. This lessens electricity costs as well as noise vibrations that can disrupt your sleep. Now, should the temperature rise higher or go lower than what you prefer, the Turbo Inverter will automatically switch to the compressor to reach your desired setting.

The D-Tech is a radical innovation specific only for the Midea Mirror Black series, it actually directs the flow of the cool air to ‘follow’ you (the holder of the remote control) or focus on your preferred location in the room. Built-in sensors on its remote control enable this feature. ; this maximizes the coolness in a specific spot as opposed to the average air conditioner’s process that simply allows all that cold air to randomly fill all the spaces. As a user, you can choose which part of the room will receive the greatest amount of the cool air.

Whatever your personality type may be, Midea comes with choices that will make you look forward to coming home, to rest, recharge, or both – it is your choice.Midea is an international appliance maker and manufacturer that has gained prominence all over the world for product lines including air conditioners, microwaves and washing machines, among others. Concepcion Industrial Corporation is the leader when it comes to air conditioners and refrigerators in the Philippines. Both companies invest heavily in research to ensure that their products meet, if not surpass, the highest international standards and yet are also keenly sensitive to the preferences of the local market.

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