Watch: Mega Tuna second film by Gigil

Canned tuna brand Mega Tuna released a digital film on its deliciousness—but this time around, it’s more than a gecko wishing it were the one eating it.

Mega Tuna Gigil

The film starts with a woman forking up pasta with Mega Tuna, with its rich flavor, and big flakes without a trace of extenders. Just when you think it is another commercial, things escalate.

The second film features a manananggal, a monster from Philippine mythology who at night cuts her body in half to fly and claw her next victim. But in the film, splitting in half does not mean the plate of Mega Tuna would be split for both.

It is so delicious, people will fight over it…even if they are one and the same.

The video has since earned more than 689k views on Facebook; 890 reactions and 81 comments.

Here are some of the comments on that was posted on Facebook:

“Ang Galing na Concept nito!!!”

“Grabe! Mega lang sakalam!”

“Husay nyo GIGIL sobra na kayo HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Sige bukas bibili ako nito. Hahahahaha

Imagine all the new lores, fanfic and plot twist themes just because of this new idea of mananaggals having cross compatible modular sentient lower half..

Watch Mega Tuna Second Digital Film:

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