Look: Mega Tuna New Commercial that made mixed reactions on Social Media

Mega Tuna New Commercial

Mega Tuna released the video last March 20, 2021, that made mixed reactions on Social Media. The video follows a woman and a lizard in what appeared to be an alternate universe on eating Mega Tuna Spanish Style product.

Mega Tuna New Commercial

When the woman was eating her tuna meal, a common house gecko nearby seemed to be seeking to get a taste of it too.

Halfway through, the scenes turned upside down, were replayed, and then the woman and lizard oddly exchanged places.

The caption on Mega Tuna’s YouTube and Facebook posts read: “WATCH ‘TIL THE END. #MaiinggitSilaSaSarap.”

The video has since earned more than 22,237 shares on Facebook; 81,872 reactions and 5,600 comments.

Here are some of the comments on that was posted on Social Media:

“It represents the duality of man when it comes to the wants. Na lahat ng creatures nagkakainggitan whether they’re big or small. Of course kasama yung product placement as the focus of the message kasi daw masarap yung product so yun yung kaiinggitan,”

“When you exit the airlock, take a moment to orient yourself. Things will feel strange. When you run, the wind will be at your back. You encounter fire, ice will form on your clothes as transferred heat is reversed. Gravity would feel normal but you’re reversed from the world around you. You may experience distortions in your vision and hearing, this is normal,”

Mega Tuna New Commercial latest commercial was produced by GIGIL, the same advertising agency behind the viral Orocan and RC Cola in 2020.

Watch Mega Tuna New Commercial:

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