Medical Depot: Thriving and Succeeding for Three Generations

From humble beginnings to over 30 years in the industry, Medical Depot has gone a long way

While many family businesses have thrived in the Philippines for decades, there is also a lot that are unable to survive particularly by the third generation[1]. To succeed for that long period of time requires strong business leadership, stewardship, and accountability. Medical Depot has been able to achieve this milestone as it continues to grow and remain relevant for three decades and three generations after.

Medical Depot is a well-known locally grown company excelling in supplying high-quality, long-lasting medical equipment and supplies to their growing list of clients, partners, and the general public. It has sold over 5,000 different products and equipment in the Philippines over the last 31 years, both in their physical stores and online platforms.

From Humble Beginnings

The company was founded in 1991 in Bambang, Manila, a place known for sourcing out medical supplies and equipment.   At that time, Rudy Medina, founder and chairman of Medical Depot, knew that there will always be a need for quality medical supplies in the country and to fulfill a variety of medical needs especially back in the ‘90s when there was a substantial lack of medical supplies. The company began with only three sales personnel to conduct operations.

Over time, Medical Depot grew its reach and currently has approximately 16 branches strategically located around the metropolitan Manila area, with plans to rapidly grow across nearby provinces and regions to meet the requirements of every Filipino throughout the country.

Building a Legacy

For Medical Depot, putting in the hard work and commitment has helped them transcend three generations. “My grandfather and father build Medical Depot from the ground up. It was not easy and was full of challenges given the medical demands of hospitals, clinics, and the general consumers over the past 30 years. As the business is handed down from my grandfather to my father, and now to me as the CEO, it is to continue their legacy and continue working on the company’s success throughout the coming years,” shares Rodolfo Medina Jr., Medical Depot Chief Executive Officer.

At a very young age instead of playing with his friends outside, Rodolfo Medina Jr. was already doing errands for his parents in their medical supplies store, which they resided in the space above. In his teens, he became more involved in the family business and was inspired to achieve great things. He worked hard, focused on learning the ropes and scaling the business to what it is now. He started from the bottom until he has now become the current CEO of the company.

“It wasn’t an easy path. We had our fair share of challenges and I had big shoes to fill. It was an honor for me to lead the company that continuously serves the medical needs of most of the Filipinos. As I have taken the helm, my dream is to further grow and scale Medical Depot so we can reach more of our fellow countrymen. We are actively working to come up with new ideas to benefit our customers,” muses Medina Jr.

Rodolfo Medina Jr. believes that tenacity in leadership is the key to the company’s long-term stability. He has become determined to keep his growing number of employees motivated to do an excellent job every day. He believes that employees are the lifeblood of the company, and they must be cared for properly as much as they value the company they are a part of.

Strengthening Medical Depot

Stewardship and accountability should go hand in hand with leadership. In a family business, stewardship entails creating, developing, and passing down a stronger legacy to future generations.

Even after Medical Depot’s continued growth over the years, the company intends to continue serving the medical needs of all Filipinos. It brings with its long-standing integrity and reputation as it vows to continue to serve clients with new products and initiatives that will benefit people’s medical needs.

Medical Depot continues to strive for greater heights and will always look back to its roots. To learn more about them and to order medical supplies online, visit or their Facebook page for updates.

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