McDeliverBack, Happiness Delivered: Bringing Happiness to those Who Deliver Happiness

With millions of people relying on safe, on-time delivery for meals and other necessities, it’s easy to overlook the unsung heroes that make this possible. In their new video for their McDeliverBack campaign, McDonald’s Philippines shines a spotlight on the dedicated delivery people who have had our backs since before the pandemic. Here are a few of the beautiful highlights that particularly struck our hearts:

Highlighting The Hard Work Of Food Delivery Riders

The video began by stating that the average Filipino food delivery rider works 12-14 hours a day, much beyond the typical work hours of most jobs. Looking back on all the mess that has occurred in recent years, both during the pandemic and before, food delivery riders have always been someone on whom we can rely. The video features three riders, each with a unique story: Jessie from McDelivery, Nelia from GrabFood, and Rey from Foodpanda. Nonetheless, they all have the same work ethic and determination as most delivery riders.

The Love Of A Filipino Family

Another thing Jessie, Nelia, and Rey had in common was that they all worked hard and sacrificed for their loved ones. In the video, all of the riders’ families commented about how hardworking they are and how they seldom see each other because of how busy they can get. Filipino Delivery Riders are one of the most amazing heroes in recent years. They have worked their bodies to the bone to be the providers in their families, whether for their chosen family or blood relatives.

Sharing the Happiness Together

McDonald’s surprised riders with a heartwarming meal with their family and loved ones as a token of appreciation for their hard work. You can feel the joy in each smile and even the tears of the riders and their families who haven’t seen them due to the rigorous schedule brought on by their job. McDonald’s McDeliverback program strives to give back to the delivery heroes who put up with difficult conditions every day simply to bring our McDonald’s favorites. McDonald’s has surely shared happiness with these modern heroes and their loved ones through its heartfelt effort for these three riders.

For us, the viewers, the video gave us the realization that family time is precious time. Family breadwinners, just like the featured riders, give their all to provide for their families and also to give the best service to their customers. So, spending quality time with them is what keeps them going.

Their stories inspired us as a family to appreciate one another more and give time to sit down and bond together doing our favorite activity and enjoying our favorite McDonald’s food.

Create more unforgettable and quality bonding moments with your family too! Get started with McDonald’s today and order via McDelivery – there is no better love language than sharing your favorite food with those you hold most dear.

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