Maya and ‘Ser Chief’ confront family issues on “Be Careful With My Heart Rewind” on TFC

As newlyweds Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ser Chief (Richard Yap) prepare for the newest chapter of their lives, fate takes an interesting turn for Maya’s family and Ser Chief’s kids in the sub-titled “Be Careful With My Heart Rewind,” this October on The Filipino Channel (TFC) worldwide.

Luke, Nikki, Abby and JomaLR

In the first episode for the month of October which aired on October 5 (October 2 London time and October 4, Riyadh and Pacific time), Arturo (Pepe Pimentel) started to mend and rekindle his relationship with his youngest daughter Maya, his wife Teresita (Sylvia Sanchez), his eldest daughter Kute (Aiza Seguerra), and his grandson and Kute’s son Cho (JM Ibañez). Like what fathers normally do, Arturo performed some chores at home. Kute, who has served as the father figure since her father left, found it hard to accept Arturo back in their lives and confronted her mother about it. Over at the Lim residence, Abby (Mutya Orquia) and Nikki (Janella Salvador) comforted their brother Luke (Jerome Ponce) who was stressed from his college duties.

On the next episode of the kilig-serye, Maya as the new mother of the Lim children, persuades the kids, especially Abby to limit the use of digital gadgets as it may interfere with their studies. Maya also visits her Obstetrician – Gynecologist to check on her possible pregnancy. Meantime, Ser Chief tries to surprise Maya but gets disappointed when she does not answer his call. This leads to a rift between the two love birds. Maya comes home from work and tries to reconcile with her husband in her sweetest way. This episode airs on October 12 (October 9 London time and October 11, Riyadh and Pacific time).

Cho finally bonds with her lolo (grandfather) Arturo on the third episode this month airing on October 19 (October 16 London time and October 18, Riyadh and Pacific time). However, the closeness seems to go wrong when Teresita starts to feel uneasy about it which makes Kute worry.

Ser Chief in the meantime, gets mad because of his kids’ supposed pitfalls: Abby’s entry into the social media at her young age, Nikki’s attraction towards Niccolo (Marlo Mortel), and Luke failing one of his subjects.

In the final episode for the month of October airing on the 26th (October 23 London time and October 25, Riyadh and Pacific time), Luke and his siblings are still worried about their dad’s anger. Meanwhile, Arturo tries to resolve the issues between him and his eldest daughter, Kute, and thinks of giving Kute a pre-Christmas gift. Things start to go smoothly until Arturo discloses to his friends about Kute’s plans of having a small eatery in San Nicolas, which makes Kute more furious at her father.

Will the situations hounding Maya and Ser Chief be fixed? Tune in to the show that teaches the importance of family, every Sunday (Thursdays London time and Saturdays, Riyadh and Pacific time) on TFC worldwide. Never miss a single episode of the sub-titled version of “Be Careful With My Heart” in English for non-Filipino speaking viewers also to enjoy this October via TFC’s video-on-demand service (internet protocol service or IPTV) and its official online service,

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