Master the ‘smart casual’ look for the office with Dockers Clean Khaki

Today’s workplaces tend to have a hip and laid-back vibe, as studies have revealed that a fun and happy environment breeds more productive employees. In such modern work settings, the buzzword is to dress in “smart casual” mode, which is basically mixing and matching casual and formal clothing pieces to create a polished, but relaxed look.

To most guys, however, going “smart casual” can be quite tricky, as this poses a challenge: how to look both smart and casual enough as to make it appear effortless.

Here, Dockers, a menswear brand that has long mastered the relaxed and laid-back style, pitches in with tips on getting the right mix of “smart” and “casual” for today’s corporate dress code:

It’s better to be overdressed, than underdressed. In the workplace, it is vital to project a professional image through the clothes you wear. Wear a crisp and clean collared shirt over a graphic tee, and opt for shoes rather than slip-ons.

Purchase clothes that fit you properly. The key to dressing well is to wear clothes that fit. Know your size and shape so you’ll never go to work in ill-fitting jackets, shirts or pants.

Mix and match. Look smart and sharp by pairing casual pieces with your suit jacket. For instance, chinos and a white, striped, or patterned shirt will complement a well-tailored jacket.

Try knitwear as an alternative for jackets or blazers. Knitwear is versatile enough to wear with any “smart casual” ensemble. You can choose a patterned or textured knitted top or one in a solid color, and keep the rest of your attire in neutral shades, creating a good mix of smart and casual.

Complement your ensemble with the right footwear. A relaxed outfit must go with the right footwear. Loafers, chukkas, and desert boots are best when you’re wearing relaxed pants like chinos or jeans.

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a smart-casual outfit: a crisp t-shirt, khaki pants, loafers and a blazer.

Invest in chinos. Chinos were designed to suit the “smart casual” dress code. They are as casual as your go-to everyday jeans, but with the refinement and charm of formal pants.

When you say “smart casual,” the Clean Khaki from Dockers comes to mind.

Available in a full spectrum of colors, the Clean Khaki has the hip vibe that matches the laid-back environment of a relaxed workplace.

Favored for its clean lines and the classic khaki style, the Clean Khaki, when paired with the right top, works even for formal business events.

The Clean Khaki is part of a new classification system by Dockers to help guys choose the appropriate pair to wear for every occasion. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, the Clean Khaki is the perfect “smart casual” choice.

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