Married on a Movie Theater: Better Than That of the Movies

Watching weddings on the movies are uplifting and inspiring, aside from the fact that it makes you fall in love all over again. What more if you are watching a real wedding on a movie theater? That would be awe-spiring, isn’t it?

Movie buffs Mario Lautigua and fiancée Elaine just got lucky getting a surprise wedding themed after their start of their love story.

Mario and Elaine met in a zombie movie and then fell in love. Both movie buffs that they are, Mario proposed to Elaine. Only Elaine got diagnosed with cancer at age 30.

Mario had to quit his job and they postponed their lives together. Drowning in their medical bills, they have to postpone their wedding for 6 years. And that’s when Prank It Forward came in the scene.

They set up what seemed to be a regular date night at the movies for the couple. And there, they showed a trailer of Mario and Elaine’s love story while Mario seemingly just went the restroom.
That’s when Mario came back and popped up the question to get married right there and then. Elaine said yes and they went off preparing for the wedding on the same day with the Prank It Forward crew and their loved ones.

Watch the amazing wedding for these two movie couples tying the knot in a movie theater.

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