“Marka”: An Anti-Bullying Campaign Movie

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Bullying has been more rampant than ever before. Then being in the form of physical, or verbal, bullying goes to another level with the use of social media and internet.

There are many bullying victims out there, some of which were just silenced by their experiences. And some of these victims turn into bullies themselves when the issue is not taken seriously and with proper action.

What may seem as a simple kid fight, or teasing may lead to terrible results that will mark someone else’s life, be it good or bad.

This is what the movie is campaigning about. Written and directed by Neal Tan, and produced by Jojo Matias, “Marka” follows through the life of Billy, portrayed by Martin del Rosario, who is often bullied in his school.

“Marka” will surely leave a mark on the viewers on how they view and respond to bullying.

Watch the video below.

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