Mani Kontador releases Nakain ng Social Media on Spotify

‘Nakain ng Social Media’ talks about how we see social media. They portrayed it as a drug, and showed how it might affect there mental health. The EP opener, ‘Sayn Ap’, contains different voices that mumble and ask you to sign up. Followed by the song ‘Peymus’. The one talking on this song is the social media itself, offering you thousands of followers in exchange for your privacy. The third track, ‘Aprub’, tells the story of a person who’s doing everything for the sake of ‘likes’, treating it as a reward. ‘Mensahero’, was our entry to a songwriting competition conducted in our province — Laguna. Of course, the song didn’t make it. Haha. But we know there’s a space for this song in this EP so we included it. The song ‘Sheyr’ was placed second last. This song will act as a savior after you listen to the first four tracks. If you realized that there’s something wrong with your mental health, we want this song to give you hope. The final track is ‘Selpi’, we imagined it as a tourism ad. But in contrast to its title, the song is not filtered. We want to show everyone not just the town’s beauty, but also its flaws.

The title of the EP is ‘Nakain ng Social Media’. At first glance, it seems that we wanted to say ‘Kinain ng Social Media’. But the word ‘nakain’ is very significant to the three of us since we were born and raised in Laguna where we say ‘nakain’ instead of ‘kumakain’, ‘natakbo’ instead of ‘tumatakbo’, ‘naulan’ instead of ‘umuulan’. We hope that after they listen to the EP, the listeners will change how they see social media. We should be the ones ‘na kumakain sa social media’ and not the ones ‘na kinakain ng social media’.

All tracks, except Track 1, were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Toxic Twins Productions, Sta. Cruz, Laguna
Engineered by Melvin Valdez
Album cover is from the original artwork of Minnehaha Calleja (@minnie_tattoos)
Music by Junee Abe, Rafael Gerardo, and Ralph Rapiz
Words by Ralph Rapiz


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