Makati hosts first outdoor International Bonsai Exhibit

Makati hosts first outdoor International Bonsai Exhibit

An exquisite line-up of beautiful bonsai was recently on display at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, where the country held its first-ever outdoor display of these trees last March.

Over 180 plants from 350 exhibitors were featured during the first Bonsai Clubs International Regional Convention 2016, with many of the trees flown in from Japan, Taiwan, and other countries. Filipino bonsai enthusiasts also flew in from all over the country to display their bonsai, as well as view the trees on display. Also on display for guests to marvel at were 30 large bonsai from across the Philippines.

Besides bonsai, the event also showcased a suiseki or natural stone appreciation exhibition and competition, a garden bazaar, free lectures and demonstrations on bonsai, ornamental plants and other horticultural tips.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens proved to be a fitting venue for the country’s first ever international bonsai exhibit, held under the auspices of the Philippine Bonsai Society, the premiere bonsai organization in the Philippines.  This is another first for the city of Makati, which is quickly expanding its inventory of signature attractions and is the perfect venue for an international exhibit of this kind.

Given the wide swath of space right at the Ayala Triangles Gardens, bonsai enthusiasts were able to view a vast array of the beautiful ornaments in a well-organized and ideal setting for the plants and the exhibitors and guests alike, while also enjoying the host of amenities in the area. A garden oasis at the center of the concrete jungle, the Ayala Triangle Gardens is a sanctuary where Makati’s citizens are able to relax their minds, with lush greenery that revitalizes the spirit.

“We are delighted to have showcased some of the best pieces of these natural art forms. This is also a perfect opportunity to let the public discover the artistry and skill of Filipino bonsai enthusiasts,” said Shiella Aguilar, Project Development Manager for Makati. “Having the international exhibit in Makati – the landmark for culture, leisure, and business, was a good way to draw more attention to the fine art of bonsai growing.”

The art of bonsai is a well-known and respected horticultural art all over the world.  To promote greater appreciation of the art of bonsai and foster a sense of cooperation among enthusiasts, the Philippine Bonsai Society annually holds bonsai shows.

Over the years, the PBSI’s national competition and exhibit has been a melting pot of bonsai enthusiasts all over the Philippines, who traditionally gather together for the Spirit of the Bonsai. For the Japanese, bonsai represent a philosophy of harmony between humans, the soul and nature.

An art nurtured by the Japanese and Chinese, bonsai growing has been in the Philippines for almost 50 years.  In fact, Filipinos have developed and selected tree species specifically for bonsai growing.  Although bonsai are often small enough to sit on a table, they are designed to look like full-sized trees, or groups of trees. To achieve this illusion, a bonsai artist needs to fully understand the process of pruning, trimming and wiring plants with an objective in mind.

“Makati is a place where people can work, live, and quench their thirst for the finer things in life. We look forward to holding more events such as this that satisfy the Filipinos’ longing for cultural and artistic diversity,” concluded Shiella Aguilar.

As the country’s premiere business capital, Makati is an urban exemplar and has pioneered green design, with tree-lined avenues and a comprehensive pedestrian network. As one of Makati’s landmarks, Ayala Land aims to transform the Ayala Triangle Gardens into an area where people can converge, enjoy more civic space and access distinct venues for events, thereby strengthening Makati’s position as a vibrant and dynamic urban center where people can enjoy the best the city has to offer.

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