Looking for a morning skin glow and a bouncy soft skin at night? The latest from Olay Natural White has got you covered!

K-Beauty and J-Beauty are beauty trend giants that have gained massive following due to their influence
in the skincare world. While having different approaches to beauty regimens, both are rooted on science-
driven ingredients that target skin protection and hydration. This is why Olay Natural White takes
inspiration from the Korean beauty and Japanese beauty in its latest product offerings that come with 2-
in-1 benefit.

Olay Natural White Tone Up Angel-Glow

Tone Up is popular K-Beauty trend that balances and brightens skin tone, however, most facial products
that deliver tone up go a little over the top by leaving the skin as a greasy white mess; making it hard to
apply makeup on top of these products.

Olay Natural White just found the perfect solution to this dilemma with the launch of the Tone Up Angel-
Glow. It contains the super ingredients Niacinamide and grapefruit and apple extract that instantly
brighten and boost skin glow. It also improves skin clarity by balancing uneven skin tone and helps fade
the look of dark spots too.

You can use it on top of your makeup, as it works perfectly as a skin primer, so it preps your skin by
hydrating and nourishing it so you can achieve nothing less of that natural-looking fairness.

Olay Natural White Mochi-Mochi Night Cream

The dream of waking up with bouncy and glowy skin is now right at your fingertips with just a swipe or
two. Riding on the J-Beauty trend of “Mochi-Mochi”, you can power up your skin’s natural recovery
process with Olay Natural White Mochi-Mochi Night. This first night cream in sachet packaging is power
packedwith super ingredients Niacinamide, Vitamin B5, and White Lily Extract that work hard to repair,
brighten, and hydrate while you sleep the night away.

With regular use of Mochi-Mochi Night, you’ll wake up to a hydrated and brightened skin. It helps reduce
the look of dark spots too. The dream of a mochi, glowing skin in the morning is turned into reality.

Olay’s Natural White Tone Up Angel-Glow and Natural White Mochi-Mochi Night are available in all major
supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide. Visit Olay Philippines’ Facebook page to
learn more about these products.

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