Look and feel great with Levi’s Lot 300 Shaping Jeans

Admit it, women will do almost anything to look good. And one of the biggest stunts they need to do is trying to fit into skinny jeans.

The dreadful experience begins with shopping for the perfect slim-fit pair. You hog the store’s fitting room trying to find one that looks and feels like second skin. Then, you must get used to the idea that skinny jeans are too snug to let you slip your phone or wallet ino its pockets.

Your woes do not end there. There’s the constant struggle with the muffin top and finding the perfect blouse to hide it. And you are later horrifed to realize that you can’t fit into your jeans after your favorite burger snack.

Finally, at the end of the day, you have to face one last battle—taking the tight thing off.

Despite the ordeal, women continue to raid stores for slim-fit pants—and for a good reason: they look great in it.

Luckily, Levi’s has a solution to this recurrent dilemma: the Lot 300 Shaping Jeans, a pair that is designed to smoothen and enhance one’s silhouette, trim the tummy, lift the butt, and lengthen legs.

With an advanced tummy-slimming technology, the Lot 300 jeans holds you comfortably in all the right places.

For Levi’s, looking great is about feeling great, too, which explains why the Lot 300 jeans—and the rest of Levi’s women’s collection—are built around advanced fabric stretch technology.

By listening to consumers and doing intensive research, Levi’s was able to develop innovative clothing pieces—with better fabric recovery and softer hand-feel—for a wider array of body types, from I-shaped to curvaceous.

To eliminate the problems that arise from choosing skinny jeans, Levi’s utilized an improved stretchability technology that divides the stretchability of its pants into three: low, medium and high. These three types of stretch indicate how much the fabric can expand with the body. The greater the amount of stretch, the greater the range of comfort and movement.

Low-stretch jeans have a more solid construction and gives the look of non-stretch but with added comfort.

Next, medium-stretch provides a greater range of motion and comfort.

Meanwhile, high-stretch jeans offer additional comfort and softness, while still providing that smoothing and shaping effect.

Most of the jeans in Levi’s women’s collection are made with medium-stretch fabric, and jeans constructed from low-stretch or high-stretch fabric will have such information called out on the packaging.

In your next hunt for the perfect skinny jeans, check out Levi’s Lot 300 Shaping Jeans and have the slim-fit and skinny jeans you have always wanted—the pair with greater range of motion and comfort.

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