Location, Size, and Good Vibes: Your Guide to Buying a Lot this 2021

The hierarchy of investments will always place real estate at the top, and rightly so. Adding yet another property to a portfolio not only increases net worth but guarantees a potential money-making mechanism for the future. No wonder millionaires attest that real estate is still the best investment you can make today.

Purchasing any property is a long-term investment. Careful deliberation, naturally, must be taken before buying that next piece of land, so here are some things to consider.

Where it matters

Location, location, location. It can’t be stressed enough just how pivotal a role this plays in securing your next property. If the land is situated somewhere that is in close proximity to places of interest such as retail outlets, supermarkets, community centers, and business hubs, then the land’s value soars. If it is accessible via major thoroughfares, travel time would drastically be reduced, making it even more convenient.

It’s not about the current cost of the land, but how much it will be worth when the market begins to clamor for living spaces in an inviting area. If the developer has plans to build attractions within the vicinity, then its resale value increases in turn. Is it in a place that’s at the heart of the town or city’s activities? Do the surrounding properties or projects look pleasing?

More importantly, amid the threat of the global health crisis, is the location secure? Other questions you can ask are whether residents are allowed to do their outdoor activities in a socially distant manner. Is it a low-density project, to minimize the risk of exposure? Are there personnel in place tasked to safeguard the entry of visitors? Is it a crime-free locale? If you have a family, no price can match the peace of mind that comes with a home’s safe location.

Lot placement

Once you’ve determined the desirability of the lot’s location, zooming in on the actual lot itself is the next step. Where does it fit in the village or township? How many minutes away is it from the main entrance or gate?

What is its placement on the street? How busy is the street or road it stands along? Noise levels will affect the peacefulness of a house and also diminishes the attractiveness of a property. Attaining land in a place that is conducive to outdoor activities such as walking pets, jogging, or cycling also increases its appeal. Corner lots will automatically fetch a higher price as it has the advantage of sitting on and being accessible to two streets. It also makes the property easier to find.

Typhoons are inevitable in the Philippines, more so in the future with the effects of climate change. Take note if the property has a sophisticated drainage and containment system to keep storm water away from homes.

Size matters

No matter where a lot is located, its value will always be trumped by its dimensions. Think of all the possibilities that massive space provides—a sizable garage for your growing car or motorcycle collection, building your own art studio or workshop, a greenhouse, a gazebo for having coffee, or a pool to lounge around on lazy summer afternoons. The idea is the property has the potential to be your forever home, better than your last investments.

A bigger lot area also suggests more space to build bedrooms—something handy in case you’re thinking of reselling the house down the line or having your grandkids over during your retirement years.

Good vibrations

A lot’s general location and size are one thing, but shape, flow, and light are other important matters that will set a property apart. Aside from lavish cuts of real estate, rectangular building sites are an especially auspicious attribute for feng shui enthusiasts.

What direction does the property face? When lots are positioned where the sun rises, a house is able to enjoy soft morning sunshine and benefit from sufficient natural light throughout the day, a great feature to consider for investors who consider themselves gardening enthusiasts. Being awash in verdant greenery also adds to a neighborhood’s vibrant look and feel, as well as to its positive chi or energy.

Premier residential community Trava, an upscale undertaking and flagship project of Greenfield Deluxe, presents all these attractive qualities for the discerning homebuyer sprawled out on 33 hectares. The development is located in Greenfield City, a 400-hectare self-sustaining master-planned township that sits within Sta. Rosa, touted to be Laguna’s next growth center and made more accessible with the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) and the opening of Skyway Extension.

Generously spaced lots between 550 to 750 square meters are ready for future residents to build their homes on in Trava’s Phase 1, so they can enjoy all the comforts of country charm and the conveniences of modern living. With its location, accessibility, size, and dedication to world – class amenities integrated with tree-lined roads and manicured landscaping; Trava is a place worth choosing, and worth leaving a legacy in.

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