Listen: Eclectic Remix Cuts of Evanturetime’s Popular Debut “Vultures” in “Vultures (Remixes) EP”

Nearly eight months after its first release, Singapore electronic artist Evanturetime’s popular track Vultures is set for its own slate of exciting remixes by four other up-and-coming local electronic producers. The Vultures (Remixes) EP drops this Friday, 29 May 2017, on major digital platforms.

Since dropping his first two singles, Evanturetime’s tasteful minimalist-electronica has been gaining an ever-increasing audience. Charting in several countries abroad and in particular, hitting #1 on the Spotify Singapore’s Viral 50, #1 on iTunes’ Alternative Music and #7 on Spotify Japan’s Viral 50 on the first two singles, has brought proof thus far of the Singapore producer’s technicality and ear for a good tune.

As Evan prepares for his third and final single before his EP (slated for release later this year), four electronic producers have come together to remix his popular first single, ‘Vultures’. The result – the Vultures (Remixes) EP– is a reminder of the power of new perspectives, and of the marker laid down by the growing scene of talented Singapore producer-musicians.

“Having both Charlie and Linying on a tune is like a dream come true. Given the track’s minimal approach I thought there might be ample chances for the song to be reimagined in the hands of equally capable musicians.”

The collaborators were chosen for their different sonic trademarks. From THIEVVES’ soaring dynamic range to ØATHS’ powerful gated synthesizers; from shaykhandbake’s sampled chants and laidback grooves, to Brannlum’s party-anthem vibes, the EP promises something for everyone along the genre’s wide spectrum.


  • Vultures (Feat. Charlie Lim)
  • Vultures (Instrumental Version)
  • Vultures (THIEVVES Remix)
  • Vultures (ØATHS Remix)
  • Vultures (Shaykhandbake Remix)
  • Vultures (Brannlum Remix)

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