Let’s Go to Bohol with AirAsia!

Time for a Vacay at Bohol, only with AirAsia

After graduation, do you long for a summer getaway with your friends? Or simply a healing trip to get you away from the stress of work and school? Perhaps this is the ideal time to travel across the nation and meet new friends as well! And what better place to begin than in the City of Friendship, Bohol!

Embark on a jam-packed journey with AirAsia to the top locations in Bohol! As AirAsia takes you to several Bohol destinations, get ready for a roller coaster ride that will be well worth the trip:

Witness History at the Blood Compact Shrine

Image Credit: Angela Baltan

To begin, learn about the history of Bohol! See for yourself the historic Blood Compact Site in Bohol, which serves as a memorial to the historic token of friendship between the Spaniards and the Filipinos. The Sandugo was a blood pact that was made between the Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, the chieftain of Bohol, on March 16, 1565, to bind their friendship in accordance with tribal custom.

See the Baclayon Church Ruins and Panglao Church first hand!

Continue your journey through history by visiting the Churches of Bohol. The Baclayon Church is the oldest Christian settlement in Bohol. Its construction began in 1717, the same year it was elevated to the status of a parish. To build the magnificent structure, 200 obras pias, or native forced laborers, had to drag coral stones from the ocean.

Panglao Church is no stranger to the history of Bohol as well. Older Panglao Church facade fragments suggest that it may have been baroque in style. This church was previously destroyed in 1886, at which time it is said that a temporary church made of wood and tabique was built. A five story bell tower/watch tower constructed in 1851 can be seen behind the ruins, some distance away. The tower, which has an octagonal shape and a pitched roof, is thought to be the tallest of its kind in the Philippines. .

Face your fears with Alburquerque’s Python Viewing

Stir your way to an adventurous take with a Python Viewing. The largest python in captivity can be found in Alburquerque, Bohol. The Bohol Python and Wildlife Park is a really entertaining and educational place to visit for people who are interested in learning about the need for wildlife conservation. In fact, every ticket you buy when you go to the Bohol Python Sanctuary and Wildlife Park supports the care of these rescued animals.

Can’t miss the Tarsier Viewing!

While we’re at it, let’s continue our animal exploration by visiting the infamous Tarsier! Visit the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, a location devoted to saving the lives of species with high levels of emotional sensitivity. Thanks to the committed tour guides who devote to raising awareness about how tarsiers are delicate and emotionally-sensitive creatures that get stressed easily, you can learn how these infamous tarsiers live in peace and nature.

Get inspired with Bohol’s Man-Made Forest

Image Credit: Angela Baltan

If we’re talking about the Tarsier’s habitat, why not visit a man-made forest? Bohol, Philippines is home to the world’s first and only Man-Made forest, which you can visit. It is primarily made up of Mahogany trees, which are arranged densely over a distance of about 2 kilometers in the towns of Bilar and Loboc. An ideal location for tourists to be inspired by nature. Some visitors even spend 30 minutes to an hour here to take in the fresh air and enjoy the sounds of the trees and birds.

Fly High at the Butterfly Garden

While you’re on Cloud 9 from the Man-made forest, fly high at the Butterfly Garden! A Simply Butterflies Conservation Center in the Municipality of Bilar houses hundreds of beautiful butterflies. You can also see a feeding area, a breeding facility, and a product workshop for the butterflies. This is a really nice place to enjoy the lovely butterflies all around you. A net structure serves as the butterfly enclosure. By adding a waterfall and plants that provide shade, it creates a special environment for butterflies.

The Landmark, the Chocolate Hills

Image Credit: Angela Baltan

The Chocolate Hills must come to mind when you hear the name Bohol, of course! See them in person instead of wasting time by looking at postcards of them! The very fact that these hills were once covered in green grass, dried out, and turned a chocolate-brown color during the dry season, accounts for their “chocolatey” appearance. While the hills do vary in size, when viewed from a distance, they appear to be almost symmetrical in shape. This creates a magnificent landscape that might lead you to believe it was made by humans.

Fill up with a Buffet Lunch at Loboc River Floating Restaurant: Rioverde

We know you’re starving after that trip! So grab a bite at the floating restaurant and enjoy the Loboc River cruise with buffet meal. At Rioverde, take pleasure in a lunch buffet while live music is being played.

Explore the wonders of Hinagdanan Cave

Get back on track with the amazing and historic Hindagdanan Cave! A clear lagoon that is between 10 and 20 meters deep and a number of stalactite and stalagmite formations are among its many highlights. Hinagdanan, in addition to its breathtaking natural beauty, was important to Bohol’s history. Locals used the cave as a hideout during World War II to flee the Japanese Imperial Army.

Choose your Adventure at Danao Adventure Park

Make the most out of your Bohol adventure at the Danao Adventure Park. They have the ideal adventure that is suitable for everyone! Try their Eco-Adventure Tour if you want to immerse yourself in nature; if you really want to amp up the adventure, try their Extreme Adventure Tour! If you’d like to educate yourself about preserving the natural landscape and cultural heritage, Educational Adventure Tour’s perfect for you.

Be Amazed by the Antequera Weaving Community

After a series of adventures, get to know the artistic side of Bohol. Welcome yourself to the Antequera Weaving Community–where magic happens. Antequera baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like other native goods like hampers, home decor, wall art, furniture, bags, and fashion accessories. The materials used to create these handicrafts are all naturally occurring materials, including bamboo, rattan, wicker, nito, buri, sig-id, and other vines.

Sweet Goodbye, at Bohol’s Bee Farm

Image Credit: Angela Baltan

Sweetly wrap up your trip! The Bohol Bee Farm is a cozy, peaceful location that is sure to be a great way to end the day. Vicky Wallace, the owner and chef, creates delectable dishes using vegetables grown organically on her farm, such as squash muffins, vegetable lasagna, and specially brewed coffee made from roasted corn and wild berries. She lets visitors stay in her chalet-style home in order for them to experience the tranquility and peace of having the entire farm to themselves.

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