Last Dinosaurs Release Album ‘From Mexico With Love’


the Australian indie-rock trio Last Dinosaurs share their highly anticipated new full-length ‘From Mexico With Love’ via Nettwerk. Proving themselves to be a global enterprise, brothers Lachlan and Sean Caskey and Michael Sloane cite a myriad of influences for the new project. From New York icons The Strokes to California legends The Beach Boys, Japanese City-Pop artists like Hiroshi Sato, and of course, the country of Mexico where Lachlan conceived much of the record, it’s clear the trio finds inspiration no matter where they are. The result is a frenetic odyssey about the world around us and the world within us. Fans can listen to ‘From Mexico With Love’ here: lastdinosaurs.ffm.to/frommexicowithlove

Singles “Collect Call”, “Look Back”, “Auto-Sabotage”, and flagship, “CDMX” have received rave reviews from tastemaker media outlets like Rolling Stone Australia, NME, FLOOD, and FLAUNT while resonating with audiences, generating 200k streams per day. Since emerging from the pandemic, The Dinos have performed tours through the U.S., Mexico, Japan, and their homeland of Australia, even making their first U.S. festival appearance at Lollapalooza.

They show no signs of slowing down, finishing up a U.S. tour alongside Bad Suns before heading to a sold out date in Singapore (sold out in 2 days), and December dates in Australia. The Dinos also announced festival appearances at Maho Rasop Festival in Thailand and most recently, ‘A Day on the Green’ with Florence + the Machine, King Princess, and Hatchie in March of 2023.

Despite coming up in Australia, indie rock band Last Dinosaurs would say they’re an international enterprise – and they’ve got a track record to prove it. Brothers Lachlan and Sean Caskey, along with Michael Sloane have played sold out headlining shows and festivals across UK, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and the Americas. The success of studio albums, ‘In a Million Years’, ‘Wellness’, and ‘Yumeno Garden’ have taken them around the world and back. Considering this, it’s even more interesting that their new studio album, ‘From Mexico with Love’, was written during a time when the world stood still. While living the international rock star life is good writing material, “the deep stuff comes from being alone,” remarks Lachlan.

When Australia closed their borders due to the pandemic, Lachlan found himself stuck in Canada before making his way to Mexico to work on the album in creative solitude. Thankfully for us, Mexico was more than just a place to quarantine. It was an inspiration as complex as the album itself, a fact that’s honoured in the album title and the song “CDMX”. Lachlan found a wellspring of creativity and as soon as Australia opened, he took his raw material back home to the band to produce ‘From Mexico with Love’ with the help of co-producer James Agnus. The result is an electric testimony to the DIY tradition that investigates the places we go not just externally but internally.

“In Mexico I had a lot of time to think about life, to face the demons and just figure sh*t out. But there were also rapturous moments where I felt so free,” says Lachlan of the writing process.

Emotions of gratitude within the exhaustion of touring are highlighted in the first track, “Hanson’s Ghost”, while the feeling of leaving behind a familiar loved one cuts deep in “Look Back”. Lachlan speaks of taking risks for love in “Put Up with the Weather!” as “Collect Call”, muses on forgotten dreams and letting go against an impossibly catchy melody.

Also woven into the flowing and sunny songs are real messages about self-work and growth. Songs like “Auto-Sabotage” and “Note to Self” deal with the reality that sometimes we’re the ones getting in our own way. In “Can’t Afford Psychoanalysis”, Lachlan ironically sings ‘I think I might require psychoanalysis.’ (Something that he would probably recommend to the posers he sings about in “The Hating”.) In “When Pigs Fly”, the ending track, deep feelings of doubt and pessimism float over a bright and airy melody.

‘From Mexico with Love’ is as thought-provoking as it is catchy. Last Dinosaurs strike a perfect balance, providing listeners with unforgettable melodies and a roadmap for the ever-changing world in which we live.
‘From Mexico, With Love’ Tracklisting:

  1. Hanson Ghost
  2. Look Back
  3. CDMX
  4. Put Up With the Weather!
  5. Auto-Sabotage
  6. Note to Self
  7. Can’t Afford Psychoanalysis
  8. The Hating
  9. Collect Call
  10. When I See Pigs Fly

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