LAKBAI: TV5’s Newest Reality Adventure Show with Baste Duterte and Bogart the Explorer

Always in search for new places to visit next time you travel? TV 5’s new reality adventure show LAKBAI is going to be your favorite.

LAKBAI which is a Tagalog word “Lakbay” means “Travel” in English. Lakbai is also a Visayan statement that is short for “Lakaw Ta Bai” meaning “Alis Tayo, Kaibigan”.

According to the producer LAKBAI is more than just a travel and adventure program that shows the usual sights and popular spots in the country. The show will allow viewers to see the Philippines in a whole new light as the hosts not only explore locations but also immerse themselves in local activities creating a connection with the place and its people. The 8-week special will also show the friendship and the misadventures of the group as they experience it in the most exciting places in the Philippines.

Join Baste Duterte with three of his closest friends, “Pambasang Photobomber” Atty. Alexis Lumbatan, cool bro Sboi Malicay, Andrei Apostol as the group’s designated videographer and to make the trips even more exciting and informative Davao-born YouTube sensation Bogart The Explorer join as the designated tour guide of the group.

Don’t miss an episode of LAKBAI every Sunday after the PBA starting May 21, 2017, only on TV5!

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