Ladies in Levi’s share empowering stories for Women’s Month

In celebrating Women’s Month this year, Levi’s presents successful women to share stories, life hacks, their very own Levi’s experiences, and how the brand empowers them to perform their daily tasks and fulfill their long-term goals.

These outstanding female achievers from different industries—host and chef China Cojuangco-Gonzales, model Lou Muñoz, celebrity chef and restaurateur Jackie Laudico, actress and humanitarian Antonette Taus, and sought-after makeup artist and breast cancer awareness advocate Pong Niu—relate how important fashion is to their lifestyles.

For instance, Cojuangco-Gonzales who admits that her life changed when she embraced motherhood, says she values comfort and flexibility when it comes to clothing.

She says, “To be honest, I’ve gained a lot of weight since I became a mother and worked as a chef—which doesn’t help at all. I like to wear something that keeps me comfortable and helps me move freely, without being too conscious about my size at the moment.”

Laudico, who spends most of her time in the kitchen, explains that the times have made fashion more relevant for people in her industry.

“At present, there’s what you call celebrity chefs, so people want to meet the personalities behind the food. This makes us more aware of the need to be well-dressed and well-presented all the time,” she adds.

Taus, who runs humanitarian projects and organizations like Hashtag Lunchbox PH and CORA (Communities Organized for Resource Allocation) Cares, affirms that when it comes to fashion, comfort is the most important factor. “I do not want to be in pain for fashion, but I also believe in looking good, being presentable, and dressing appropriately.”

Taus discloses that jeans have played a huge role in her aim of looking and feeling good. “Since I straddle the entertainment and humanitarian fields, I literally run from one event to another. My life lately has been me living in jeans. But then, even when I was younger, I was always a jeans girl.”

Ladies living in Levi’s

On jeans, these ladies agree that Levi’s has always been their most trusted brand.

“Levi’s gets me through my day, both in style and in comfort, which goes hand in hand for me,” Muñoz happily reveals.

Niu, meanwhile, asserts that Levi’s jeans greatly helps her perform all her daily tasks. “’Yung work ko kasi, kailangan on-the-go ka. I have to run here and there while being comfortable. Being in Levi’s jeans, with its high-quality material, talagang pasok na pasok siya sa activities ko and sa lifestyle ko.”

Laudico appreciates how Levi’s has always been an expert, “not just in fit but also in technological innovations, fabrics and finishes, and in making women feel good.”

The celebrity chef even shares her very own ‘live in Levi’s’ story, recalling that her first pair of Levi’s belonged to chef Lau—it was his high school jeans. “Of course, because it was a Levi’s 501, he had kept it all those years. One day, he gave it to me. I loved it so much. It was basically my boyfriend jeans way before there were actually boyfriend jeans. That was my favorite pair of jeans. It was so sturdy—it lasted for 15 years.”

Go-to Levi’s pair

The lovely ladies also have their favorite Levi’s jeans.

For Cojuangco-Gonzales, it is the 311 Skinny of the shaping collection. “This pair makes me look thin, lengthens my legs, hides my tymmy, and lifts my butt. I can cook with it, and I can kneel, sit, and basically do any movement that I want still feeling comfortable and beautiful.”

Muñoz pitches for the Levi’s 711 Skinny. “It lies just above your hips,” she tells ladies. “Your muffin tops won’t show.”

For Taus, the journey of finding the right pair of jeans has been difficult, but Levi’s led her to ‘the one’.

“Everybody is born with a set of unique gifts and traits. If you combine your life experiences with those gifts, you basically find the recipe for your own destiny. It’s unique for every individual. Finding the best jeans for you is exactly like that. With me, it’s definitely the 710 Skinny, because it just fits in all the right places,” she says.

On why Levi’s is her favorite brand, Niu said, “Because of Levi’s soft fabric, I can easily move. It elongates my short legs, accentuates my hips, and gives shape to my behind. It gives me so much comfort when I take care of my kids and do my work.”

On empowering women

When asked by Levi’s to share advice on how to succeed in life, these remarkable women are generous with their tips.

Cojuangco-Gonzales claims that the secret is to do what you love while thinking of your future. “There are some people you will encounter in your life na sasabihin na you don’t have to be happy with what you do as long as you have money. This is something I fiercely oppose from the very beginning, kasi syempre, your passion has to be your number one, and then comes your income.”

She adds, “You can follow your dreams and also think of your future. You have to make sure that you will be able to sustain your lifestyle.”

Muñoz, meanwhile, reminds ladies to be contented and be responsible. “For me, success is contentment. You have to be fine with what you have. To be confident in your own skin and be socially responsible—that’s very important.”

Taus stresses on the importance of believing in yourself, and fighting for what you believe in. “I insist that nobody should have a reason to think that they’re not strong enough or not man enough. If you believe in what you think is good and true in your heart, and you believe that you have a special set of gifts to fight for what you stand for, then that’s your path.”

Finally, Niu, who is also a breast cancer awareness advocate, advises women to trust in the Lord. “Pray and have a deep connection with the Lord. Remember Psalm 119:50: “My comfort in my suffering is this. Your promise preserves my life.”

“It sounds like a cliché, but it’s really the Lord we hang on to. We get our strength from the Lord.”

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