LAC Farm: Nueva Ecija’s 40 Hectare Medicinal Farm

If you love to give it a try to tour around an organic farm, why not visit Leonie Agri Farm (LAC Farms) in Nueva Ecija and have a taste of healthy and organic living.

The 40-hectare land is abounding with medicinal plants that are 100% organic.

Sir Andy, who gave the tour around the farm spoke of the few medicinal plants and its uses. Some of which are the following:

Sambong was said to help dissolve kidney stones.
Tsaang Gubat relieves stomach pain.
Akapulko cures fungi infection.
Pineapples can flush out intestinal worm.
Pandan helps lower temperature during fever..
Gotu Kola is a memory enhancer herb
Kataka-taka increases white blood cells that fight infection.
Yerba Buena a pain reliever with a minty smell.
Sabila (a.k.a aloe vera) aids cuts, burns, eczema, and falling hair
Tawa-tawa is used to cure dengue.
And, Santan is now being studied for cancer treatment.

Aside from these, the LAC Farm has a house where they cultivate worms.

LAC Farm is also known for its Lagundi, which Ascof uses for its herbal medicine. Yes, LAC Farms is producing the Lagundi of Ascof Lagundi by Pascual Laboratories.

These quality Lagundi leaves has been standardized by Pascual Lab, also the type of soil, harvesting process, sterilization process, among the intricate processes it undergoes to be perfected. The plant manufacturing process follow certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes). No wonder Ascof Lagundi is now 19 years in the market.

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