KOHLER’s self-disinfecting flushing technology now available in the Philippines

  • Kohler’s Revolution 360 technology platform offers maximum hygiene and powerful performance

With people now more conscious about the standard of hygiene they are setting for their homes, global leader in the design and innovation of kitchen and bath products Kohler Co. launches in the Philippines the Revolution 360° technology platform, a new technology that aims to elevate toilet cleanliness in every household.

The KOHLER Revolution 360° technology platform features a powerful flush that sends 360 degrees of water through the entire inner bowl for thorough cleaning after use.

A more water-efficient flush

Featured in the ModernLifeTM series of one-piece toilets, the KOHLER Revolution 360° boasts a larger flush valve with a diameter of up to 3.25 inches compared to the 2.8- to 3-inch valves of other toilets. It has an additional water jet to generate high-speed water flow, ensuring extraordinary flushing and bulk removal performance to effectively prevent clogging.

This flush technology saves up to 40 percent of water with only 3 liters per half flush and 4.5 liters per full flush versus the average of 6 liters of water per flush regulated by the US Federal Law to improve water efficiency. This innovation also conforms to the rigorous requirements of the LEED Green Building Certification, a must-have standard for high-end buildings.

Optimal 360° hygiene and comfort

With the introduction of the KOHLER Revolution 360° technology platform, the ModernLifeTM series of one-piece toilets exemplifies Kohler’s design philosophy of simplicity, cleanliness and seamless curves while meeting the highest standard of bathroom comfort and convenience.

Embracing the body structure is a user-friendly and comfortable ultra-slim seat, which comes with a Quick-ReleaseTM 90° hinge to simplify seat removal for easy cleanup and replacement. The toilet rim is beveled 30° inwards and features CleanCoatTM technology, which repels dirt and excess liquid from the rim surface, allowing the toilet to stay clean longer.

The innovative rimless bowl design of the ModernLifeTM series of one-piece toilets features an invisible rim channel without a ledge, leaving no room for dirt to build up. The design forms an invisible water channel through which water flows in a circle, anti-clockwise, providing 360° coverage to ensure optimal cleaning of the entire bowl.

The stacked seat design allows for effortless lifting of the seat cover to prevent users from accidentally touching the bowl front. Kohler also offers a Slim Functional Seat option — durable soft-close toilet seats that do not interfere with Kohler’s clean-lined look – sensor night LED light and deodorization to provide an even more comfortable bathroom experience.

With KOHLER’s technology-in-style flushing innovation and contemporary aesthetics, the Revolution 360° technology platform aims to become every home’s ideal toilet technology for optimum toilet and bath experience.

The KOHLER Revolution 360° technology platform is now available for installation in Kohler’s series of ModernLifeTM one-piece toilets. For more information regarding this product, please visit

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