King Sue Launched Its New Deli Products in Pre-Holiday Event With Chef Gene

  • King Sue Gears up for the holiday season in pre-holiday media launch.
  • The brand of almost 9 decades introduced its Kaiser Deli Brand which offers ultra-premium sausages, bacons, and hams for the most discriminating clients.
  • Chef Gene Gonzalez graced the event with his traditional favorites and sumptuous innovations using the original and new King sue products.

The “ber months,” as we call it here in the Philippines, are finally here and everyone seems to start seeing bulging bellies again. We can also already smell the festive season inside the groceries with displays changing from regular grocery promos to Christmas baskets.

And what we are all really excited to see in these baskets other than the spaghetti packs…the HAM!

From the simplest get-togethers to more elaborate feasts, ham has already become a staple of Pinoy Noche Buena, despite being an original traditional dish of the western countries.

Among all the hams we look forward to buying during the holidays, King Sue seems to be one of the most in-demand brands. Much more this year that it launched a new line of products and flavors, ready for the Holiday Season 2019.

King Sue just introduced its Kaiser Deli Brand which boasts ultra-premium sausages, bacons, and hams that even the pickiest eater will love. It was launched in a satisfying food tasting event with Chef Gene Gonzales who earned international acclaim for his expertise in different cuisines. Of course, it all went down at Chef Gene’s renowned ancestral home turned Café Ysabel in San Juan, Metro Manila.

Admitted to grow with King Sue as his favorite breakfast ingredient, Chef Gene said, “King Sue has been there at home ever since.” In fact, he has some product varieties he’d prefer for his cooking, saying:

“I also like their dried pork feet, which goes into my Spanish cooking and to my superior stock that gives my Chinese dishes authenticity.”

King Sue’s holiday flagship is its Piña ham. It’s made with whole pork leg and carries a netted appearance on the outside. It offers a mix of light and dark meat with tighter, more heavily-pressed fibers than all previous brands, as well as a distinct layer of fat on top. As for the taste, you’ll experience salty, sweet, and smoked in one bite, making the ham dressed with a good balance of flavors.

For 89 years, King Sue has become synonymous to quality food. The brand was introduced in 1930 by Mr Cu Un Kay with a whole leg Chinese ham as its first product. Continued through decades by their family, Mr Richie King, VP for Marketing of King Sue, explained where the name originated, sharing:

“The name comes from King, meaning ‘royalty,’ and Sue, meaning ‘small.’”

Then describing how his grandfather was in the liking of a king, saying:

“…because my grandfather who is small in physical stature, has big dreams for his family.”

Mr. King continued to mention all the products that put fame to their brand, which goes years before the Kaiser Deli Brand  selection, saying:

“Today, the company boasts of a variety of quality meat products, ranging from traditional hams to smoked bacons and sausages, as well as traditional favorites tocino, longganisa, and sisig.”

Chef Gene, then talked about the new Kaiser Deli Brand, advising everyone who cooks:

“Before you think deli items, take a second look at your King Sue products because they have great applications for reasonably priced ingredients with good quality.”

Mr. King then boasts how their products are ensured of quality since everything they sell is made in-house using state-of-the-art German equipment. He also shared about the dedication they put into every product saying:

“But, even with these high-tech machinery, preparation for the Christmas season starts in August for the whole bone Chinese hams

It takes a month to properly cure whole bone, which still needs to be smoked then cooked. It takes patience to perfect them.”

King Sue is now being distributed nationally through major supermarkets like SM, Robinson’s, and Puregold.

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