When Kids Ask For Cigarettes: A Social Experiment


Suppose you are a smoker. You are having your chillin’ time with some cigar of your brand, and then suddenly a kid appears before you asking for some of your stick. What would you do?

Pumped Up Pranks pulled off a social experiment in Baguio to see how people would react to kids asking for a smoke. Two kids, Sam and Sammy became a part of this experiment as they were the apprentice in the video.

The first to be asked was a lady. She just responded by laughing.

The next one was a guy. Seeing that the kid was too young, he denied the boy of having some.

Another responded “No. No. No. You are a kid.”

In the video, almost all of the people the two kids asked said no.

When the two kids asked “Why?” Two things came from the adults’ mouths: “It’s bad for your lungs” or “You’re too young.”

3 out of the 5 people the kids talked to turned off their cigarettes. See why they did that. Watch the video.

This video, which was inspired by a Thai Anti-Smoking Ad campaign, took about 3 days to be filmed. Among the 20 clips per video are the best of the bunch from the many scraps while they were having this filming. This video is for promoting anti-smoking to the public. Here’s the personal testimony of the maker of this video.

“I stopped smoking for about 2yrs now, and recently I saw the Thai ad about the anti-smoking campaign regarding kids asking for light from smokers. So why not try it out here in the Philippines but instead of giving them a script, we asked the kids to say what they wanna say, in this case, we see not only the perspective of the smoker, but also the reflection on the youth these days.

It took about 3 days to film the video, we had allot of scraps and only got the best clips. We usually do more than 20 clips per video, and only pick the best ones.”

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