#KeepOnSmiling this June Denture Care Month!

There are many challenges in our “new normal” that can cause anxiety and have us feeling down. 

But as proven by denture wearers who had to get used to a “new normal”, a battle story can be turned into a victory story. And that’s a hard lesson to learn but the experience builds character and resilience to overcome challenges. 

So, join us as we celebrate Denture Care Month this June and let us all #KeepOnSmiling.

Whether you are a first-time denture wearer or a seasoned user, here are some tips for better denture care so that you can #KeepOnSmiling:

  1. 1 Make your denture care a priority to maintain good oral hygiene.

    Caring for your dentures is part of maintaining good oral health and overall wellness. Some Filipinos clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water, but this may not be as effective as a good denture cleaning solution. Regular toothbrushes and toothpaste have an abrasive effect causing tiny scratches where bacteria and fungi can buildup in the dentures.  

  2. 2 Use the right denture cleaning tools

    Bad denture cleaning habits can cause denture damage, bacterial growth and even bad breath. Using a denture cleanser like Polident Cleanser works best as it can provide deep clean in 3 minutes and kill 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria.

  3. 3 Use denture adhesives for comfort and stability

    Dentureadhesives offer an extra layer of stability by attaching dentures to the gums. This gives denture wearers the confidence to eat and speak in public, laugh freely and get close to their loved ones. Highly-recommended product Polident Adhesives offers cushion between dentures and gums, long-lasting strong hold and minimizes food entrapment to help you enjoy a life free of denture worries.

  4. 4 Bite on both sides when you eat.

    Try not to bite down using your front teeth, as this could dislodge your dentures. Chew evenly on both sides to help your gums get used to the gentle pressure.

    Once you feel more confident with how to eat with your dentures, you’ll be free to tackle tougher foods such as harder fruit and meat.

  5. 5 Treat any pain immediately

    If you’re getting used to your new dentures, you may experience some mild discomfort, which should subside as your mouth adjusts. If your gums continue to feel sore for a prolonged period of time, your dentures may need adjusting. Just one small adjustment could dramatically increase your comfort in no time.

  6. 6 Store in water overnight

    It is recommended to put your dentures in a glass filled with warm water & soak it overnight. This prevents it from warping or losing shape and ensures that hard-to-reach debris is dislodged. For effectivity we suggest adding the Polident Cleanser Tablet to your overnight soak, it’s super easy to use and it will provide a deep clean that kills most odor-causing bacteria.

Dentures should not hold you back in any aspect of your life. Try Polident Cleanser and Adhesive so you can #KeepOnSmiling and live a life free of denture worries. Try it now at a discounted price from Shopee, just visit the GSK page https://bit.ly/shopgskshopee. For more denture care information, visithttps://www.mydenturecare.com/en-ph/.  

Check out inspiring stories from our Polident community and share your own story in Polident’s Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/PolidentPH/). Let us #KeepOnSmiling despite life’s challenges. 

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