Kathryn teaches teenagers about obedience via “Wansapanataym”

Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo is excited to share with TV viewers, especially her fellow teenagers, the valuable life lessons in the newest “Wansapanataym” special titled ‘Puppy ko si Papi’ which will begin this Sunday (November 9).

Kathryn and Daniel_01

“I am very happy that I was given a chance again to star in ‘Wansapanataym’ and become an instrument to teach the audience good values. I’m sure that many viewers of my age will be able to relate to my character, Iris, who misunderstood her father’s over-protectiveness,” said Kathryn who last appeared in “Wansapanataym” in 2011.

“In ‘Puppy Ko si Papi,’ viewers will surely learn the importance of our parents’ guidance, and how important it is for us as children to obey them,” the Teen Queen added.

Also part of “Wansapanataym Presents Puppy ko si Papi” are Dominic Ochoa, Marlann Flores, Khalil Ramos, and John Lapus. It is written by Yam Tanangco Domingo and directed by Don Cuaresma.

The original story book for Filipino kids “Wansapanataym” is under the production of Dreamscape Entertainment Television, the group that created top-rating TV masterpieces such as “Walang Hanggan,” “Ina Kapatid Anak,” and “Juan dela Cruz.”

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