Where to buy Flavored Soju in the Philippines?

Enjoy Soju, the Korean way!

Have you ever wanted to sip that mouthwatering Soju that Oppa and his Chinggus are drinking while watching your favorite K-Drama? Worry not, because it may be available in stores around you!

Flavored Soju

The Filipino people have fallen in love with Korea’s clear, low-alcohol distilled spirit. The Korean craze, or “Hallyu,” first arrived in the Philippines a decade ago, when Koreanovelas, K-Pop, and Korean food were televised, and its popularity quadrupled thanks to social media.

As a result, several soju-based cocktails and impersonations of drinking soju have appeared in K-drama scenes, as well as Korean eateries featuring Soju on their menus.

Korean Soju

You’re in luck since Soju can be delivered right to your door through these local shops! Jinro Soju is readily available in the Philippines, both online and in supermarkets and convenience stores across the country.

  1. ShopeeMall PH – Chamisul Original Soju, as well as its varieties, are available in 360ml bottles at Shopee Mall. It also has two-packs, four-packs, and even Saving Bundles!
  1. Clink PH – Aside from your typical Soju variants, Clink PH also offers the Jinro Chamisul Original Soju 360ml Bundle of 4 with 2 Limited Edition IU Shot Glasses with a selling price of only Php 356!
  1. The Booze ShopBooze Online Inc. is a renowned importer and distributor of fine wines, spirits, and premium beers from throughout the world. They are the Philippines’ first importer of draft beer and the country’s largest import beer distributor.
  1. Liquor PH – The goal at LiquorPH is to find the greatest spirits in the Philippines and put them in the hands of their clients. For their JINRO products, they have the 12 x Jinro Chamisul Soju Original for only Php 1,100.00
  1. BOOZY PH – Boozy.ph is a booze delivery service owned and operated by BoozyLife Inc., which delivers your favorite brands at liquor store pricing! Get their JINRO assorted flavor bundle for only Php 549 (Bundle of 4) with an 8% discount.

Aside from the classic Somaek, which involves combining Soju with beer, and the Korean version of the Screwdriver drink (which involves mixing Soju with Orange Juice), did you know that you can do so much with Soju? If not, stay tuned because we’re about to introduce you to a whole new world!

The clear Soju spirit and the tanginess of Yakult are truly a match made in paradise! This Soju and Yakult contains 1 JINRO © soju shot, 1 Yakult shot, and Sprite; all you have to do is simply combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and that’s it!

soju and yakult

For Melona lovers out there, have a taste of Melona-Soju! It’s like getting two of your favorite Korean food items in one! The coolest thing about Melona Soju is that it comes in a variety of flavors, depending on whatever Melona you pick. One glass contains 1 popsicle of Melona (any variant), JINRO © Soju, and Sprite. Combine 60% soju and 40% Sprite in a drink. To infuse the taste, add the Melona popsicle and let it melt.

Coffee-Soju is a definite method to stay energized during social gatherings! It’s similar to Irish Coffee, however instead of whiskey, we use soju! One glass contains JINRO © Soju, Sweetener or sugar syrup for brewed or instant coffee, and Ice. Make your coffee as usual with sweetener or sugar syrup, then set it aside to chill. Fill a glass halfway with ice and pour 80% coffee and 20% soju into it. Mix thoroughly.

Watermelon-Soju is worth all the hassle since you’ll be rewarded with a delicious, refreshing beverage! One glass contains Watermelon, JINRO © Soju, and Sprite. For the procedure, Scoop out the flesh of the watermelon and discard the seeds. Blend thoroughly, then filter to remove any remaining pieces or seeds. Then, on top of the watermelon juice, scoop out the foam. After you’ve made your juice, combine the watermelon juice, soju, and Sprite in equal parts. Mix thoroughly and there you have it!

Of course, if you don’t want to get too complicated, you can just order flavored soju and enjoy a delicious cocktail with a lot less work. Coincidently, JINRO ©  also has flavored Soju!

Price of soju:

Price of Soju

  1. Jinro Grapefruit – Price: Php 115-120

Alcohol Content: 13% ABV
Volume: 360mL
Jinro Grapefruit Soju is packed with a vivid grapefruit flavor, making it a refreshing take on a classic drink.

  1. Jinro Green Grape – Price: Php 115-120

Alcohol Content: 13% ABV
Volume: 360mL
Because of its sweet and rich taste, Jinro Green Grape Soju remains a favorite. This is a one-of-a-kind drink that may be savored on its own or in cocktails.

  1. Jinro Plum – Price: Php 115-120

Alcohol Content: 13% ABV
Volume: 360mL
Jinro Plum Soju adds a fun plum note to Chamisul Fresh’s crisp flavor.

  1. Jinro Strawberry – Price: Php 115-120

Alcohol Content: 13% ABV
Volume: 360mL
Each sip of Jinro Strawberry Soju imparts the sweet, tangy flavor of ripening strawberries while remaining light and refreshing.

Have fun and remember, drink responsibly Chinggus!

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