Jane Portrays Struggles of Homeless Girl to Graduate on “MMK”

Jane Oineza takes on the role of a homeless girl who had to endure personal circumstances to achieve her dream of finishing college on “MMK” this Saturday (July 2).

Naning (Jane) is a determined girl who lives in the streets of Quiapo under the guidance of Sallie (Amy Austria) and Bong (Simon Ibarra). Naning plans to have a better life for her family and know that it could only be possible if she finishes college.

When Naning was young, she learned that she was actually abandoned by her biological mother, Christina (Jed Montero). She also had to bare witness to the marital problems of Sallie and Bong due to the latter’s infidelity. Sallie succumbs to depression after she learned of Bong’s misgivings and thereafter neglected her responsibility to take care of Naning and her sister Soledad (Perla Bautista).

Despite all of these, Naning decides to find work and support herself and her sister in order for them to go to school. Naning’s ability to be independent early on in her life helps her reach highschool but she also accepts the fact that highschool may be as far as they can go.

One fateful day, Rick (Juan Rodrigo), a photographer, finds Naning studying on the sidewalk. Rick finds inspiration in her determination and takes photos of her in hopes of sharing her story. Rick shares the photos online which quickly become viral and messages of encouragement for Naning from the online community quickly pour in.

Will Naning be able to achieve her dreams? Can social media help Naning in her pursuit of a better life?

Joining this “MMK” episode are Celine Lim, Rhed Bustamante and Althea Guanzon. The episode is directed by Raz De La Torre and written by Arah Jell Badayos. “MMK” is led by business unit head Malou Santos.

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