It Isn’t a Dog-Eat-Dog World After All

When you see a homeless person having a dog with them, you can help but think, “How is he going to take care of his dog when he can’t even take care of himself?”

Maybe what you’re thinking has point. Or maybe you have just misjudged the homeless person.
Prank It Forward have had a documentary in partnership with Beth Greene and her organization My Dog Eats First. They are an organization that helps homeless people with their dogs.

One homeless guy gets hospitalized for his health condition causing him to be apart his dog. Ricky, the man, and his dog Buddy has been living in a truck for years.

When Ricky gets hospitalized, the doctors said that he only has 6 months to live. Not wanting to leave Buddy alone, he checked himself out of the hospital.

Beth and the organization tried to get Ricky and Buddy checked in a hotel, until they ran out of money.

This is where Prank It Forward gets in and helped them. They gave Ricky and Buddy a decent apartment with furniture and food supplies.

The organization on the other hand was given a year’s dog food supply form Halo. Not only that, Beth and her other staffs received the first ever Prank It Forward Top Dog Award for their unparalleled support to the homeless with dogs.

Watch the video that will surely touch your heart and will make you appreciate homeless people who tries their best to take care of their dogs.

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