Ignorance is Just Hiding under the Mask of the Pretentious Wise

Has anyone asked you a seemingly intellectual question that made you feel dumb that you can’t speak a word? Many people tend to hide their ignorance on some things by telling things with no association whatsoever about the topic being given.

A video which experiments on people’s view on one political issue called “The Slavery Experiment” was made by Joseph Costello in YouTube account QuietAssassins.

Joseph Costello asked citizens if they would revoke the 15th amendment. The 15th amendment gives African Americans the right to vote. The answers were “hysterical” as described in the video.

Many people don’t know what the 15th amendment is. They talked about slavery, taxes and everything else with no association to the 15th amendment including the immigrants.

In the last part of the video, Costello left a moral of the story, which is “don’t speak on things you know nothing about.”

Watch how the ambush interview on random people went.

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