It’s More than Ice Cream: Introducing Carte D’Or Gelato

Over the years, UK’s #1 premium ice cream brand has been enjoyed by discerning dessert lovers from all over the world. Carte D’Or is present in Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, and Turkey among many others.

Now, Carte D’Or is finally making its Southeast Asian debut with its new gelato range, and it starts here in the Philippines. Carte D’Or Gelato offers a lineup of flavors crafted with real Australian cream & only the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world.

“Carte D’Or Gelato was crafted with the idea of offering something that’s more than just ice cream,” says Carte D’Or Brand Manager Earl Keh. “We take pride in sourcing from only the best, no matter where it takes us: from Australian butter to pistachios harvested from South Australia and California; from Belgian chocolate to hazelnuts grown in Turkey.”

Each pint of Carte D’Or Gelato is crafted using real cream from Australia. Using real cream not only gives gelato its creamier texture but also its pure, clean taste. By using only the finest ingredients from all over the world, we achieve a truly authentic flavor experience. Compared to regular ice cream, there’s also less air that’s put into gelato, making the flavor even richer.

Carte D’Or Gelato will launch with four flavors; each with its own provenance:

Salted Caramel

We journeyed to the green pastures of the land down under to bring you the goodness of real Australian cream. When swirled into butter and caramelized sugar, it creates a rich and rounded caramel profile. Add a dash of salt, and you’ve got decadent gelato with a sultry edge. Salted caramel gelato as it should be.

Double Dark Chocolate

At the heart of Western Europe lies Belgium—known for medieval castles, quaint hill villages, and a 400-year-old chocolate making tradition. We bring you its finest offering: chunks of Belgian chocolate stirred into thick chocolate gelato. A divine chocolate-on-chocolate experience.


Our pistachios are grown in the sun-kissed vistas of South Australia and California, where long hot summers produce the best nuts. To draw out the flavor, the pistachios are roasted and ground into pure paste. Folded into thick Australian cream, and you’ve got nutty goodness in every bite.

Chocolate Hazelnut

The best hazelnuts in the world are grown in the lush, rolling hills of Turkey. Crisp and buttery, the nuts are combined with delicate wafer crisps and a rich chocolate hazelnut gelato base. A match made in texture heaven.

Targeted towards the young and discerning market of today, Carte D’Or Gelato shares its consumers’ belief in the importance of quality and authenticity in everything they do.

It’s more than ice cream. It’s Carte D’Or Gelato.

Carte D’Or Gelato will be available in select supermarkets & convenience stores nationwide on May 23. Price starts at Php 295 for 475mL.

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