Husband Receives Amazing News Through a Photo Booth

For a couple, there is one news that will send a husband and wife both laughing and crying at the same time. And that is to receive the incredible news of having a baby, especially if it is their first.

A video of one couple will surely make you smile as they welcome the news of having their baby in very different way. The news break out in a photo booth where the wife decided to pop the balloon.

The husband and wife enters a photo booth to just seemingly take pictures together. Little did the husband know of what his wife is planning to do.

The wife told her husband the news through a bonnet with the word “baby” written in it. At first, the husband doesn’t seem to recognize what his wife is holding in her hand while posing for their photo. But a moment later, when the wife showed him the bonnet with the word “baby” in it, the husband digested what is happening for a few seconds until his wife confirmed that they indeed are having a baby.

The husband was overjoyed that it sent him to tears. The couple hugged and kissed each other for the great news they are to celebrate.

Watch the full video below.

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