Huawei hosts a May sale with free delivery offers!


Amazing deals on gadgets for the savvy customer are coming up this May 5 – 9, with the sale on the Huawei Online Store! It’s a great opportunity to not only build up your Huawei inventory at a great price but also to get your mother figures a thoughtful gift hassle-free for Mother’s Day — the sale comes with free delivery offers and 0% installment for 12 months through the Huawei Store.

Check out Huawei’s devices on promotion:

Jumpstart your productivity with the Matebook D14 I3/10th/8/256, on sale for PHP 26,999. It’s a powerhouse laptop with a 56 Wh4 battery and lightning-fast 10th-gen i3 processor, able to keep up with any pace you set. With the 14-inch FullView Display, the Matebook D14 can also cleanly display your workspace for ultimate workflow. It’s a great investment for anyone looking to be their own boss.

Looking to get back in shape? The Band 6 full-vision fitness tracker is the perfect tool to monitor your health at PHP 2,090. With a 1.47in screen and multiple health sensors, the Band 6 is an efficient way to read your body’s performance. Most importantly, with 2-week battery life and water-resistant technology, this tough gadget will keep up with even the busiest and most hardcore fitness trackers.

Let inspiration strike anytime, anywhere with the Matepad T10 WiFi K 4+64. Suited for all types of work and play, the Matepad T10 is an all-around winner with powerful performance, eye protection, and immersive stereo sound, with great portability. It could be a great gift for a mother who enjoys reading on the go or needs some quick and portable entertainment options for the kids. It’s yours for just PHP 8,290!

Want to take your smartwatch to the next level? Super-charge your productivity and style with the WATCH FIT new model, which comes with a few bigger features over Band 6 like a 1.64in color screen and different possible watchband colors as well, all for just PHP 3,690!

The Matepad Refresh WIFI 4+64 is Huawei’s digital art tablet specifically optimized for creatives! Combining beautiful craftsmanship with brilliant engineering, this tablet carries a 10.4in 2K FullView display and the immersive surround sound of a Histen 6.0 3D stereo, all packaged in an elegant sleek device in classic midnight grey. You can get it for PHP 10,990!

The Watch GT 2 and Watch GT 2e are the best choices for daredevils and thrill-seekers! With battery-optimizing technology and hardy design, the GT series watches keep you connected and in control, whatever you do and wherever you go. Go beyond your limits! The original GT 2 is on sale for P5,990; the 2e, for P4,690.

Huawei’s Freebuds 4i earphones at PHP 2,590 are a cult favorite at a steal. With active noise cancellation and high-fidelity sound technology, these earbuds offer premium pure audio sound. The Freebuds 4i are also responsive to smart touch commands, allowing seamless audio control for a smooth, flowing experience across 10 hours of continuous playback.

If you’re looking to upgrade your style, the nova 8 smartphone for young trendsetters will be sold at PHP 16,990! Rosy with a blush gold color, this is a phone that sparkles and catches the eye. Armed with a 64MP main camera setup and AppGallery, the nova 8 is not only gorgeous but helps you create gorgeous photos too. With SuperCharge technology, the nova 8 is fully charged in a flash to keep up with your busy schedule! Stylish and useful!

Combine smartwatch technology with the timeless design of classic heirloom watches with the GT3 42mm. This watch is a true masterpiece unlike any other, with a water-like screen glow, high-gloss finish, and elegant choices for straps. Beyond its beauty, this gadget boasts AI-trainer fitness technology across 100 sports and exercises, all-day SpO2 and heart rate monitoring, and support for several satellite systems and higher signal immunity. Have the best of both new and old with the GT3 42mm at PHP 8,490, or take it up a notch in exclusivity with the gold model at PHP 9,890. This is also a highly recommended gift guaranteed to impress most mothers.

For those looking to get their beach bodies ready, the Smart Body Fat Scale is on sale for PHP 790! Shifting the focus from weight to fat, this body fat scale is a realistic and empowering data tool that helps users shape their bodies on a healthier basis than overall weight loss. Preserve your muscle, lower your fat, and work with your body instead of against it with Huawei.

Finally, the touchstone of every smart home is the Internet router. This is where the AX2 IOT, Huawei’s blazing fast Internet router, comes in. Priced at PHP 2,099, this router has 5GHz Wi-Fi 6 support and a wireless transmission rate of up to 1500 Mbps. Game, stream, and download content with optimal connection at all times. As a Mother’s Day gift, it’s great to note that this router comes with additional parental controls that safely empower your children to explore and learn online. Multiple routers can also be grouped together with the HarmonyOS Mesh+ feature for expansive Wi-Fi coverage.

What are your favorite gadgets from this list? Make sure to check out the sale to get them for yourself or your loved ones this May!

For convenient reference when you shop, check out the table below to see all our products on promotion:










PCMatebook D14 I3/10th/8/2563499926999
wearableBand 625992,090
TabletMatepad T10 WiFi K 4+64119998,290
wearableWATCH FIT new49993,690
TabletMatepad Refresh WIFI 4+641899910,990
wearableWatch GT 2e69904,690
AudioFreebuds 4i35992,590
Smart Phonenova 81999916,990
wearableWATCH GT3 42mm119998,490
wearableWatch GT 2109905,990
wearableSmart Body Fat Scale1499790
wearableWATCH GT3 42mm Gold139999890

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