How Xennials Should Keep Up in 2019: 5 Trends To Learn From Millennials and Gen Z

Today’s world is filled with things that are both amazing and complicated. But even though the fads seem to change so fast and create a huge gap between what we call the iGeneration or Generation Z (those that are born from 1995 onwards) and the Millennials or Gen Y, both ages and even those who existed before them (Xennials) want to somehow connect by keeping up with the trends.

And what are these trends? Here are 5 things that the Xennials should know if they want to reconnect to the modern world:

  1. 1 Travel Destinations are Dominating the “Selfie-Stick”

    While the “selfie” may have started with the millennials, it was Gen Z that took it to heart.

    Yes, travelers are now becoming younger and younger. Those who just entered college or reached the legal age of 18 are receiving a lot of privileges from their parents and one of them is independence – independence to travel solo or with friends to the most “Instagramable” spots that their parents probably haven’t reached yet.

    But there’s nothing wrong. Traveling is a great way of discovering the world while discovering one’s self. You can’t always cage the young ones. And besides, the younger you let them explore and learn things on their own, the younger they’ll become wiser.

  2. 2 Favorite Hang Out? Social Media!

    A large proportion of Gen Y and Gen Z can be found on Facebook. However, so are their parents, grandparents and teachers.

    Nowadays, Facebook is only their jumping-off point. The real action is happening elsewhere. If you want to reach these populations, you need to know which platforms are popular. And popularity can change quickly, so stay in the loop.

    Most Gen Zs turn to their trusted bloggers for updated information. The best strategy to stay cool in this age is to marry authentic brand advocacy with popular social media - but it needs to feel real and be unique.

  3. 3 Traditional in Values But Digital in State of Mind

    Millennials and Gen Z grew up with cutting-edge technology, but they still covet many of the same values as their elders.

    For example, most millennials and Gen Zs still plan to someday get married, have children and buy a house - although probably not as early as the older generations did.

    Also, contrary to many companies’ assumptions, Gen Z prefers traditional approaches to being recruited for employment, such as having employers engage young people at school. They value long-term job security and overall have more conventional expectations for their employment.

    But while conventional values are important to them when it comes to work and life, they also embrace everything mobile and cloud-based. They take for granted wireless communication and always being connected to the larger world through their smartphones and other devices. That desire for constant access and being wired-in and connected will undoubtedly continue to change the tech industry.

  4. 4 Goodbye Brand Loyalty

    Gen Z has been called retailers’ worst nightmare. This is because brand loyalty is on the decline, and they are more likely to bounce from brand to brand than previous generations.

    This has much to do with their ability to research the best product and pick quality over brand loyalty, something previous generations were not able to do as easily.

  5. 5 Making an Impact and Difference

    One thing that connects the youngest members of society with their elders is their desire to make a difference. However, the young are more impatient to get started, more tolerant of social change and more open to differences.

    Gen Z and Gen Y have both grown up aware of public controversies and scandals, not to mention global climate change and increased unease throughout the world. They want to right the wrongs of the world, and they have a wealth of resources available to them, from vast social networks to access to technology.

    In addition, growing up in this digital world, they have the prowess to use all the modern resources available to them and be heard.

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