How to Get a Head-Start to a Healthier 2020

It’s never too late to get healthy, and all the fanfare surrounding the SEA Games provides lots of inspiration for those looking to start getting fit, stat. Building healthy habits as early as now ensures that you’ll get to enjoy all the holiday parties throughout the season!

Drink your water

There’s a reason why all healthy habit lists start with drinking water: It’s a simple act that yields lots of results. Contrary to popular belief, Real Simple admits that the amount of water each person needs depends on a variety of factors such as age, diet, activity level, and climate. Two liters is the recommended intake per day, but you can also check your urine to figure out how dehydrated you are. As a general rule, going to the bathroom every 90 minutes to two hours is a sign that you’re in the clear.

Work out at home

As an alternative to fitness studios, why not try working out at home? From printable workouts to YouTube videos, there truly is no excuse for skipping out on your exercise. You could consider spending your holiday money on some home equipment; a yoga mat, some dumbbells, and a foam roller is enough equipment to get you started on simple—yet challenging—home workout routines. If you’re someone who likes to go on daily runs, incorporating home workouts can help boost your strength.

Try to cut out processed sugar

Not all sugar is bad for you: Fruits, for example, have a lot of natural sugars in them that can actually be beneficial when it comes to giving you energy. It’s processed sugars you should be cutting out, as these don’t provide any nutritional benefit to your body. “Sugar highs” come from the body quickly digesting these processed sugars, and the crash that follows means you end up in a cycle where you keep your sugar intake high just to avoid feeling lethargic.

Limit caffeine intake

Drinking too much coffee can harm your digestive system and leave you feeling worse off. To help combat this, Pretty Me’s article on Lean ‘N Green recommends incorporating green coffee beans into your daily routine instead, as these are filled with antioxidants that help flush out your body’s toxins. Green coffee mixes are a great alternative to your usual brew, and keeping a sachet or two in your desk can help stave off the stress. For those who can’t go cold turkey on coffee just yet, lessening your intake to one cup a day can help.

Try fitness classes

If you want to live out your SEA athlete dreams, try a fitness class or two to get your endurance up! Esquire Philippines’ guide to fitness studios in Manila recommends boxing and Muay Thai as full-body workouts that’ll get you strong, fast. Gyms such as Elorde and Elite are scattered throughout the metro, and fitness packages for these gyms are quite accessible. Even if you’re a beginner, the trainers will ensure you’re up to speed.

A lot of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions early on. The key to really pushing for lasting change is to incorporate small changes that you can easily complete, building on these habits until you’ve completely changed your lifestyle. Good luck!

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