Hop on the journey to these local destinations with the Xiaomi 12 Series

Master every scene for every travel scenario

There are many world-class tourist destinations and heritage sites in the Philippines that you should definitely see. As the country’s travel restrictions loosen, now is the ideal time to pack your belongings and set out on that unforgettable adventure that you deserve!

These adventures will not be complete unless every thrilling moment is captured. But with the new Xiaomi 12 Series, you can easily master every travel scenario with clear, crisp photos in any situation– ready for that picture-perfect moment.

Here’s how to use the Xiaomi 12 Series’ features in popular destinations such as Siquijor, Camarines Norte, and Camiguin:

Capture the Magic of Siquijor

As an island inhabited by “healers,” Siquijor is shrouded in mystery and magic. It has numerous pristine beaches with snorkeling opportunities, picturesque waterfalls, and historic landmarks that will inspire travelers to live in the moment and capture every inch of their beauty with the Xiaomi 12 camera.

The Xiaomi 12 Series has a pro-grade 50MP main camera with ultra-wide and tele macro lenses. A trio of 50MP cameras with telephoto and ultra-wide lenses are also included. As actress Rhian Ramos notes, these features will allow one to “see life in a more vivid view.”

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor on the Xiaomi 12 allows travelers to quickly capture scenery and portraits in Siquijor. Users can also share their experiences with others on social media thanks to the advanced 4nm processor with 5G. Remarkably, this might be the only device you’ll need to master Siquijor’s scene.

Snap in Awe at Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte, more than just a surfing destination; it also offers a culinary adventure for those who want to try authentic Bicolano cuisine while on vacation. It’s always exciting to try something new, which is why, as Chef Jose Sarasola puts it, it’s important to be open to trying new dishes in order to broaden one’s appreciation for different experiences.

Adventurers can capture everything with Xiaomi 12’s ProFocus technology, whether they’re sharing a plate of spicy Bicol Express or surfing the waves of Bagasbas Beach. With Motion Tracking Focus, Motion Capture, and Eye Tracking Focus features, this provides subject learning and tracking algorithms that anticipate movement. The final product is always clear and seamless shots. And, thanks to the Xiaomi 12’s fast-charging 4500mAh battery with 50W wireless turbocharging, they’ll have enough juice to get through the day.

Snapping the highlights of your trip to Camarines Norte will surely leave you in awe!

Epic Adventures at Camiguin!

If you’ve ever visited the Camiguin island, you’ll know that the “Island Born of Fire” has a unique shape due to unexpected volcanic eruptions. But did you know that aside from the island’s beautiful beaches, visitors can hike up Mount Mambajao (1,713 feet above sea level) for a much more epic experience? Well, ain’t that a treat for adventurers!

As adventurers would know, getting up at the crack of dawn is necessary for hiking. This is an excellent time to try out the Xiaomi 12’s Ultra-Night Video and Multi-Scene Night Views for capturing subjects in low light. On wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras, Portrait Night Mode and other night mode capabilities automatically brighten videos and photos to make them more vivid.

While camping or enjoying a bonfire with friends, travelers can listen to music from the Quad Speakers with SOUND by Harman Kardon technology, and they can dance the night away even outdoors!

Thanks to the Xiaomi Series 12, hopping on to these local destinations is worth every minute as you can easily master each travel scenery with it. So what are you waiting for? Hop on with the Xiaomi crew and make every scene a masterpiece.

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