Homeless People Gets a Treat from a Random Act of Pasta


What would you do if you have a Never Ending Pasta Pass? Will you indulge your pasta craving for seven weeks of unlimited pasta, complete with salad and drinks? Or you will make you use of this bounty for a greater cause?

Matt Tribe, a guy from Utah, has availed of the trending Never Ending Pasta Pass from Olive Garden for $100. And because he thought to himself that this is too much for just a single person, he decided to make use of his pasta pass for a greater good.

Matt gave away Olive Garden pastas to random people who are needy of it. Homeless people were given their share of this unlimited pasta because of one act of random kindness. The goal was to give to 100 houses their hand-delivered pasta from this guy, especially the homeless.

This charity was called Random Acts of Pasta, and he went to Olive Garden multiple times a day to accomplish his goal.

Are you guys hungry? How about some Olive Garden?

What do you think will you do if you have this privilege? Share your thoughts with us.

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