Holistic Living Amidst Nature’s Splendor at Horizon Terraces in Tagaytay Highlands

Busy city life has always been synonymous to a hectic day at work and being stuck within the confines of the urban jungle. But beyond this kind of life that is constantly in demand of people’s time and attention is an endless search for a well-balanced lifestyle. This constant yearning has always been attributed to the good life – not just through the latest gadgets and luxury items – but through well-rounded living that changes you for the better. Horizon Terraces brings you more than that, with holistic living tucked in vibrant luxury and nature’s splendor.

Tagaytay Highlands proudly adds to its extensive portfolio of themed residences another development first – Horizon Terraces. Tagged as its most refreshing take on holistic living, this 3.2 hectare community is comprised of a residential mix of Asian-contemporary garden villas and suites terraced-designed to present postcard sceneries of the Taal Lake and Volcano, Mt. Makiling, Midlands Golf Course, and its own central park.

Keeping in mind the preferences and ideals of refined individuals who will not settle for anything but the finest, Horizon Terraces offers a fine selection of living spaces – where residents can select a worry-free home that best fits their lifestyle amidst the serene environs.

A first of its kind in Tagaytay Highlands, the Garden Villas is a three-bedroom unit townhouse that seamlessly fuses both the form and function of an ideal home for close-knit families. Each unit has a generous floor space of 136 to 168 square meters – made of expansive living areas and a terrace leading to breathtaking vistas of the Taal Lake and Volcano and Midlands Golf Course. Private gardens and direct access to the central park complete every member of the family’s moments of zen.

Masterful design and modern luxury make up each three-story townhouse. The ground floor opens up to a multi-functional den which can be converted into either an entertainment area or a guest room. The living room, dining hall, and kitchen space occupy the second floor with massive windows and sliding doors that spills out to breathtaking nature views while opening up the home to even more light and air for a refreshing ambience. A modern staircase leads to the spacious private bedrooms on the third floor each with ample modular closets, shelving system, and en-suite bathroom.

The Garden Suites is the perfect urban escape for every family. This five-storey low density residential condominium features well-planned one and two-bedroom units of 43 to 68 square meters. Each unit provides just the right kind of luxurious living spaces – intimate, cozy, and expedient – giving residents time to focus on what truly matters in the comforts of nature. Each Garden Suite unit features large panel windows to maximize natural lighting and well ventilation and a balcony to enjoy panoramic nature views– Mt Makiling, Midlands Golf Course, and Taal Lake.

Inspired by the radiance of nature that surrounds it, Horizon Terraces promises a holistic indulgence like no other through the community’s very own central park. Here, laidback moments or active adventures can be found within a hectare of lush, verdant setting designed for residents to enjoy nature’s charms all throughout. Over 70% of the development is dedicated to open spaces and lush gardens while therapeutic walkways, private nooks, and a jogging path weave through the entire area giving resident spaces to converge and commune. Two interconnecting swimming pools and a playground call for invigorating activities within a serene refuge.

Each unit purchase at Horizon Terraces is bundled with membership rights at the Midlands Golf Club, being only a few meters away, along with exclusive access to a collection of world-class amenities and recreational activities at The Country Club. The Club offers new outdoor activities such as the Aerial Walk, Sporting Arrow, and Pedal Go Kart Racing and other sports facilities for swimming, bowling, and badminton. Tagaytay Highlands is also home to well-known specialty restaurants that have been well-loved by members and residents through the years – the Highlander Steakhouse, Highlands China Palace, and a wide variety of gastronomical outlets at the Gourmet Avenue.

Horizon Terraces is the latest testament to Tagaytay Highlands’ vision of providing an exceptional mountain resort lifestyle – where utmost comfort and refined living standards truly define a refreshing take on holistic living built by the luxury of time and nature.

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