Hodai restaurant offers new exciting treats this December

New Exciting Treats from our favorite Korean Japanese restaurant here in Quezon City. Would you believe you can enjoy mouthwatering value set meal for as low as 199 pesos for weekdays, which includes kimchi, fresh Asian salad, cream rose pasta, toriten, and maki and roll platter all in unlimited servings, or indulge in unlimited Korean Japanese dishes for as low as 249 pesos, on weekday’s lunch, for their silver set. You can also feast on their 10-dish unlimited offering for their gold set which you can get for as low as 299 pesos per pax for weekday lunch, 349 pesos on weekday dinner, or 399 pesos during weekends and holidays.

hodai restaurant

Hodai Restaurant silver set comes with an eight-dish selection that includes Kimchi, Teriyaki, Toriten, Cream Rose Pasta, Fresh Asia Salad, Maki & Roll, Tonkatsu, and Tempura while for their gold set Kimchi, Teriyaki, Toriten, Cream Rose Pasta, Fresh Asia Salad, Maki & Roll, Tonkatsu, Tempura, Shoguyaki, and Cream Cheese Spicy BBQ.

If you don’t have the appetite to try their unlimited sets you can try their new a la carte menu, which starts at 139 pesos for their four-piece Shrimp Tempura and 189 pesos for 6 pcs, Tonkotsu Ramen for 239 pesos, Loin Tonkotsu Ramen for 279 pesos.

They also launch a roulette promo for customers who avail of their unlimited gold set menu, wherein customers get a chance to win drinks, dessert, or even a silver set menu where they can redeem on their next visit.

What are you waiting for? Visit Hodai Restaurant today and try their new December Gold, Silver, and Value set offering.

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