Help fight COVID-19; stay at home and pay bills via Gcash

It has been over two weeks since the whole of Luzon was placed on an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) due to the alarming spread of the now pandemic COVID-19 that is easily transmitted through respiratory droplets from the cough and sneezes of infected individuals.

Hence, the national government has been implementing the strict observance of social distancing, among others, as part of their valiant effort to suppress the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 made a massive change in our usual daily lives. Because of this pandemic, normal routine becomes difficult to fulfill. Even the simple task of going to payment centers to settle monthly dues cannot be made without the fear of contracting the deadly virus.

As such, it is advised that individuals take advantage of innovations like FinTech. GCash, along with other companies, offers a wide range of features that can help individuals proceed with their everyday life without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. They offer methods to comply with your bills such as electric utilities, water utilities, cable and internet, credit cards, loans, and even insurances.

I, for one, am enjoying how I can conveniently integrate GCash with numerous online transactions I’ve gotten used to. Before I used to go to bayad centers to pay for our electricity, water, cable and internet bills now I use GCash to pay our bills and voila it works like magic.

Here’s how easy it is to pay your bills using Gcash. First, download the Gcash App through Google or App Store, then register to Gcash. Next, log in to your account then click Pay bills, located on the lower part of the screen, and then click on Utilities. Then, finally, input your biller’s account number and amount then press next. You can choose to pay it via GCash or GCredit. Then just wait for a text confirmation if your payment pushes through.

The use of GCash not only proves to be a valid alternative to manual shopping and transactions, it also helps in containing the spread of COVID-19. And with the continuous efforts of the government in conjunction with the integration of innovations such as FinTech, not only can we be more efficient with numerous activities, but we can also help contain outbreaks such as this one.

What are you waiting for guys, download GCash App in Google Play and Apple Appstore to pay your bills while you are at home in Enhance Community Quarantine.

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