Heart Tide Unveils Brand New Song ‘Levitate’

Noises and voices are coming from Finland as Heart Tide is debuting a new tune called ‘Levitate’. The track is outfit’s fifth single, all released this year.

”I wrote the song for live shows. It has a what I like to call a ”jumping tempo” and great energy from beginning all the way to the end. It’s just a banger” comments the frontman Samu Hietainen. ”Hopefully people will come to a show to really get the full experience of it.”

”Sonically it was a fun one to create. I played around with bunch of random noises I made and combined them with vintage-style synths. There’s also a bunch of layers of guitars where I tried things I have never tried. Lyrically I think it’s my strongest one yet”.

Listen to the song at this link.

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