Happier is better for Business: Customers attest to “Happy” Culture at Teledirect

Most businesses today aspire to be “people-oriented” but what does that really look like? At Teledirect Telecommerce, a premium boutique BPO (business process outsourcing) company with roots in Singapore, “Welcome Home” signs are mounted around the office, greeting employees at any point of their workday.

Such thoughtful details matter. Given that local employees have to surmount personal challenges and heavy road traffic day in and day out, the office has an opportunity to become that space where individuals are invited to fulfill a sense of earned recognition, belongingness, and even relaxation.

In the Philippines where the BPO industry contributes a substantial share to the gross domestic product but also reports high rates of staff turnover and work-related anxiety, Teledirect is leading by example with its “Be Happier” internal communications campaign.

Beyond inspirational posters that promote a positive outlook in the workplace, the company intends to go deeper. One of the best practices at Teledirect, according to Account Director Paolo Junia, is “putting our culture and employee happiness at the forefront of our operations. Not just any culture but the right culture: one of humility, kindness, and embracing diversity and individuality.”

Russell Saludares, another Account Director there, explains how dynamism at the workplace translates to quick implementation and achieved targets. He shares how a client, who has worked with many vendors around the world with similar services, appreciated the ease of working with extremely collaborative and flexible staff members of Teledirect. The experience prompted the client’s observation that across Asia Pacific, it’s one of the best service providers they have worked with.

Happiness as a Corporate Culture

Teledirect in the Philippines and its counterparts in other countries have integrated at the core of their business a conscious, conscientious effort towards employee happiness and satisfaction. Just some of the perks of working at Teledirect: top quartile salaries, performance-driven bonuses, ergonomically outfitted work areas, and an office designed to feel like a hip café.

And yet even as its leaders make sure that employees have fun at work, theirs is by no means a slacker culture but a reimagining of how BPO work should and could evolve into. Russell believes that the firm’s insistence on “excellence manifested through top-talent hiring, best-in-class training, people-oriented operations, and insightful analytics allow the company to develop customer loyalty”—and, quite possibly, also employee loyalty, as Teledirect has achieved since 2018 a monthly average of a low 2-4% attrition rate. Simply put, most of its people are staying there instead of looking for job satisfaction elsewhere.

A client shares his observation: “Teledirect does a stellar job hiring and developing its management teams such that eventually, most of them get appointed to leadership roles.”

Others attested to the sincerity and genuine care demonstrated by the company. “Amazing host – that’s what I would always say about Teledirect. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple chat, a site visit, hosting employees for training, or a site launch, Teledirect never fails to deliver and perform with such class and swag. The feeling that you are welcome, and that you are home is genuine,” said one client.

Community of Co-Innovators

No success is possible without setbacks. Russell mentions how in 2018, the office faced challenges in terms of call volume unpredictability, as well as multiple and simultaneous processes and tools changes. “This compelled each one to step up his/her game in order to thrive in the evolving operational landscape.” They successfully turned the tide, even ending the year exceeding service delivery expectations. This did not go unnoticed by the client who congratulated the BPO team for its “flawless execution”, expressing eagerness to entrust more business to Teledirect Philippines in the months ahead.

A common theme across feedback from clients is that Teledirect has been an important partner in the growth of their business. The BPO provider continues to collaborate with clients in their exploration of better ways to do things, constantly participating in pilot projects that allow customers to test and try new ideas for feasibility and long-term gain. When diverse talents are harnessed to the extent that employees become co-innovators and heroes who help improve processes, the lives of stakeholders become richer and a lot easier.

Paolo says, “I remember our client commenting that we were the happiest people they were working with, and hearing that was both gratifying and humbling. There will always be targets to hit, goals to achieve and I think we’ve done a good job of staying positive through diversity. We didn’t set out to do that but it happened organically and I think that’s what our clients recognized.”

More information on Teledirect and on its “Be Happier” programs is available at https://www.teledirectgroup.com or follow https://www.facebook.com/teledirect.philippines/.  For inquiries on career opportunities, contact [email protected] or call 862 9500.

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