Guidance on Table Manners for a Modern Man

Even if you do not live a very glamorous life, this does not mean that you do not go to the restaurants at all. Where to go with a chic woman if not to a posh restaurant? Mankind has not yet come up with nothing better than it. Yes, you have to spend money, but this is not the most difficult. The most difficult thing is to observe proper table manners, which many people have already forgotten. These tips were kindly provided by experts of the best European dating site GoDateNow.

Only good table manners.

In general, try everywhere to communicate extremely politely and not just in a restaurant, do it consciously. Waiters are not slaves to whom you pay but people who perform their functions professionally. This is their job, they are not servants. You pay for food and drink, and not for the waitress who should dance in front of you or give her phone number.

Don’t get annoyed.

There is nothing more miserable than a man who yells in a restaurant. The reason is not important. Maybe, a waitress spilled wine on you or just served another dish by accident. Such problems can be solved in a calm voice. Remember that the restaurant staff is people who spend all day on their feet, who memorize all possible variations of recipes by heart, and then have to greet with a smile every aggressive idiot. Be kind to them, do not lose your temper. These are quite simple table manners.

Do not make changes to the order.

You can change the dish once, and it will not be considered bad table manners, but you should not do that all the time. Imagine that a whole team of people is working for your table. They cook food for you, and the dishes are perfect: the chef makes sure that the recipe is verified, others embody the idea into reality and give the food an appetizing appearance. Everything is for you and your charming girl. No need to change the order. Besides, the menu has all the dishes you need. You should not ask the waiter to replace eggplants with carrots. A restaurant is not a public catering. People really try to create an ideal balance of taste.

Leave your comfort zone.

It is necessary to do that in a restaurant, otherwise, for what you are going to pay such money. Do not order something ordinary, something that you eat already at home. If you find any exotic in the menu, then ask the waiter to explain the essence of the dish0 and then order it.

Do not avoid eye contact.

Do you remember how the main character of the “Rain Man” behaved? He constantly looked at his feet, so, if you’re that kind of guys, then start changing yourself today. Talking with a barman, a waiter and, of course, with your girlfriend, look into her eyes. This is not an aggression but respect.

Do not avoid stupid questions.

This is one of the most useful tips on table manners. The only stupid question in the restaurant is the one that you don’t ask. Everything can be new, and you can misunderstand something. If this happens, then ask the question. It doesn’t get any worse. The restaurant staff is on your side.

Leave a compliment.

If you have a dinner in a serious restaurant with a serious chef, and you really like the food, then do not forget to thank the chef. You can do that with a note, or you can ask the waiter to convey your words.

When you share the bill.

If you go to a restaurant with a big company, then either pay for all the people yourself or warn the waiter about how many bills you will need. The waiter has no idea who will pay, and who will not, especially if there are girls in your company.

Leave a tip.

10% of the bill is the lower range. You should always leave it. If you like the work of the waiter, like the dishes, then you can leave 15% of the bill. Leave 20% only if the restaurant has changed your life or at least, saved your day.

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