Grundfos’ new SQFlex Large brings sustainable pumping solutions to the Philippines’ agricultural industry

The new extended range of solar submersible pumps provides reliable off-grid water supply for stock watering, irrigation, and agricultural water supply and transfer

Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technology, introduces the SQFlex Large, an extension of its long-standing SQFlex Solar Powered Submersible Pump Range. In addition to lowering on-farm energy use and carbon emissions, the range offers several benefits over traditional grid-based or diesel-powered pumping systems, including easy installation, low maintenance, and low operating costs.

Over the last ten years, energy consumed by agricultural industry in the Philippines has almost doubled due to the increased demand in agricultural exports. With water pumping alone contributing a significant portion of energy use, solar powered solutions present great potential to the sector in achieving energy cost savings and reducing carbon emissions.

With solar energy being the most readily available renewable energy resource, SQFlex Large is designed to meet the rising demand for solar energy pumps while withstanding the diverse weather conditions spanning the region. With the extension, Grundfos’ SQFlex now includes five high speed models – three large, one medium and one small capacity – providing a comprehensive range of solar-powered water pumping applications.

The SQFlex Large provides reliable off-grid water supply for stock watering, irrigation, and agricultural water supply and transfer. The solutions include a built-in frequency converter which ensures compatibility to power from any source, as the motor runs on both AC and DC from power sources such as solar panels and generators. The range also incorporates intelligent dry-run sensor protection – in the event the bore runs dry, the motor is protected and will stop running, restarting automatically.

“The SQFlex Large range extension demonstrates our continued priority to develop products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers while straying true to our commitment to offering sustainable solutions. The new range allows our customers to expand their solar application capabilities with a simple and reliable complete pumping solution that is easy to install with very little maintenance needed,” says Rick Holland, Senior Regional Sales Director, Water Utility – APAC & Country Director Australia.

Customers will be able to access the Grundfos GO Solar mobile app that provides three ways to size solar-powered water systems. The app will allow customers to size solar pumping systems offline, and provides a built-in water calculator based on geolocation, which determines the average estimated amount of water needed for homes, crops, or livestock. The Grundfos GO Solar app is available on the App Store for both iOS and Android devices.

Summary of benefits:

  • Ultra-long Life: Built for harsh conditions with stainless steel construction and base mount zinc anodes
  • Smart control: The smart internal motor control adjusts pump speed accordingly to solar DC power input
  • Easily compatible: Can be used with a wide range of power supplies, such as solar, generator or AC power
  • Intelligent protection: If your bore runs dry, the motor is protected and will stop running, restarting automatically
  • Low operating costs: The use of renewal energy sources results in an extremely low operating cost
  • Low maintenance: Built-in electronics and the use of high-quality materials offer improved pump operation

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