Groove to Awesome on TikTok with the SAMSUNG Galaxy A-series

Tiktok has gained attraction lately from several social media users worldwide. According to a report, as Filipinos stay indoors, TikTok is one way of "creating freedom" for those who are left with nothing to do at home. A tool for self-expression and for connecting with other users who share the same interests, more and more people have downloaded the app to view and create content.

With this in mind, SAMSUNG is launching the #AwesomeGrooves TikTok Challenge from August 6 to September 5 so that everyone can show the world their awesome dance moves. In the challenge, contestants must simply duet with any Team Galaxy Ambassador such as SB19 with a creative caption explaining how they want to showcase their awesome. Contestants are encouraged to be as creative as they want to be. A total of 20 lucky winners will be picked to receive a brand new Galaxy A31 or A21s. 

Aside from joining challenges, there are other types of entertainment that Filipinos can enjoy on TikTok:

  1. Dance Videos. One of the famous short-form content on Tiktok is dance videos. Most users love to join trending dance challenges or just simply show off their awesome moves on the latest tracks to express themselves. Some users even share tutorial videos to show off their skills.

  1. Memes. Comedy is one of the usual videos seen on TikTok. Several users have shown their personalities by creating memes either from a trending topic or based on their own experiences.

  1. Dubs. Users love to re-enact their favorite lines from movies or teleseryes while adding their personal touch to make it funnier and more engaging. They also lip-sync popular songs while adding effects or filters, creating more cinematic and entertaining content.

  1. Duets. While they love to create videos of themselves, creators can also interact with their fellow Tiktok users through a dance-off or sing-off challenge. Through this duet feature, creators can use these videos to engage with viewers and produce funny, interactive content.

To encourage everyone to create awesome videos on TikTok, SAMSUNG launched the Galaxy A31, A21s, and A11. The Galaxy A31 and A21s feature a 48MP Quad-Camera setup so users can create clear and bright videos. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A11 has a 13MP Triple-Camera setup to record awesome content. The Galaxy A31 and A21s are also equipped with a 5000mAh battery while the Galaxy A11 has a 4000mAh battery for an all-day experience. 

Check out the latest Galaxy devices and the Samsung #AwesomeGrooves TikTok Challenge at 


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