GP Reyes Makes the Call with The Macallan

Life wasn’t always remarkable for nightlife impresario GP Reyes. Before becoming one of the country’s most recognized entrepreneurs, he first made the conscious decision to give up the privileges he was born into and design a bigger life for himself.

Reyes landed a good job in Sari Sari Group of Companies after a few years in the Advertising industry. This allowed him to grow even more creatively and pick the brains of the top entrepreneurs. Here, he also gained more motivation and perseverance as he watched other people have the luxurious life that he didn’t.

Though, after seven years of being an employee, he took another leap of faith, “I established GPR Advertising, Events, and Public Relations. Projects started to come in droves and things started to look up. We hold ourselves responsible during this time for some of the most legendary and successful campaigns in the advertising and events industry.”

Today, he owns some of the biggest bars in Manila, including Xylo Nightclub, The Island at the Palace, and Draft Gastropub, his idea of combining luxury and the nightlife led him to make the call for a brave decision.

The entrepreneur relates his success via The Macallan Conversations, a series of videos that embody the single malt Scotch whisky’s Make the Call philosophy. Reyes joins other driven individuals across Asia as they pursue a life of excellence. This passion for perfection reflects the brand’s dedication to creating the finest single malt known for its outstanding quality and distinctive character.

“Reyes is one of the best manifestations of the brand’s passion for greatness and excellence. Instead of settling into his comfort zone and enjoying the advantages he grew up in, he made the call to make a bold decision. It meant making sacrifices but his passion and daring paid off,” says Au Aguilar, Senior Brand Advocate of Macallan PH.

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