Good Kid$ Drop Eargasmic New Single “You Got Away”

The Good Kid$ are back with yet another memorable track with their latest single “You Got Away (feat. Manu Guzman).” The hip-hop duo consisting of rapper Gaby Singson and producer Bernie Singson once again show their skills in crafting hard hitting flows, smooth and groovy production, and a relatable story.

This time around, Gaby speaks about a heartbreak of his own and what could have been if that someone had not gotten away. The upbeat track is released ahead of their debut EP LOVELUSTLOSS.

A strong track to lead the whole EP, You Got Away will definitely capture the attention of many fans, even giving them a chance to get to connect to the artist on a deeper level.

Stream the song now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music under mustard music.

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