Gift Given With Love Is What’s Important In “Home Sweetie Home”

John Lloyd Cruz (Romeo) and Toni Gonzaga (Julie) celebrates the birthday of Nanay Loi (Sandy Andolong) with the family as they figure out what present is best to give her in “Home Sweetie Home” this Saturday (August 29).

Gift Given With Love Is What's Important In Home Sweetie HomeIn the latest episode, Romeo gives Nanay Loi gift certificates from Soo Agency as part of his present for her. However, as the family went out to celebrate Nanay Loi’s birthday in the mall, Rence (Clarence Delgado) accidentally breaks a picture frame and the family is forced to pay for the damages. Long Mejia also makes an appearance this week as Kap Freddie, who is a politician trying to look good in time for the elections by handing out cakes to senior citizens during their birthdays. But Romeo thinks that Kap Freddie is a fishy character and will also try to find out more about the politician.

Will the family be able to find the perfect gift for Nanay Loi on her birthday? Find out this Saturday.

“Home Sweetie Home” is a weekly Saturday sitcom on ABS-CBN that promotes good values by showing relevant situations each week that affects all family members.

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