Gentle Bones Drops Deluxe Album With Limited Vinyl Release

Surprising fans with an unexpected release, after almost a decade in the industry, Gentle Bones dropped his first deluxe album Gentle Bones (Deluxe) last Friday on 22 April. Adding onto the excitement, a limited vinyl edition of the album will also be available, released under Cross Ratio Entertainment, drawing this chapter of Gentle Bones to a magnificent conclusion.

The 12-track deluxe album includes previously released songs ‘Modern Romance (feat. Julia Wu)’ and ‘Can We Have A Conversation?’, as well as a special bonus track ‘You & I’. The new song brings a positive light to the world, offering comfort by telling listeners to leave their troubles behind.

Over the weekend, a music video for ‘You & I’ was also released on Gentle Bones’ YouTube channel, with the video paying homage to his roots as a music YouTuber.

Gentle Bones’ self-titled album was released on 10 September 2021 with the title track ‘Help!’. Exploring themes of self-empowerment and appreciation for those around us, the album consisted of pop tunes that solidified and embodied the new Gentle Bones sound. The album got onto annual charts from regional media and was nominated for awards such as ‘Best Singaporean Award’ and ‘Rocket Award’. With features from fellow Asian artists JJ Lin, Tay Kewei, gamaliél, Karencici, Clara Benin, Benjamin Kheng and lewloh, the album was well-received by fans and critics alike.

With the legacy of this album, a limited edition vinyl release will be available at the following places.

  • Cross Ratio Entertainment’s e-store: preorder from 26 April, official sales from 29 April
  • In all good music retailers from 29 April

Reminiscent of the first physical launch of his debut EP of the same name, it seems to come full circle for Gentle Bones. Within the clean, minimalist aesthetic of the cover holds a clear, 180g glossy disc, complete with lyrics. Gentle Bones’ music has accompanied fans through tough times, and with the release of this vinyl, grants fans a physical manifestation of the music that has touched the hearts of so many.
Gentle Bones (Deluxe) is now available on all digital platforms, as well as for preorder on vinyl from 26 April.

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