GCash transcends network boundaries with the request money feature

It’s time to bid your money woes goodbye.

Farewell to the scenario where you have to face the reality of an empty wallet on your next shopping trip, or to the sinking feeling of not having enough cash to pay your bills until the next paycheck. Short on cash? In dire need of funds in an instant? Within a click’s reach is your saving grace — the GCash app.

Emergencies are stressful no more with the GCash’s “request money” feature. Aside from saving people the problem of lugging around money in a bulky purse or wallet, GCash eases the transfer from one mobile wallet to another. At the drop of a hat, friends can easily request money from each other in times of distress and ask for money.

Requesting for more moolah in your mobile wallet has never been this easy. The request money feature is readily visible in the app’s dashboard once you open it. Just enter your friend’s name or mobile number, the amount you need, and the problem already solves itself. If you’re in the mood to explain your situation or deliver an advanced message of gratitude, the GCash allows you to do just that.

Responding to a friend’s financial SOS is a breeze, too. Simply check your app’s notifications and sending help is as mindless as clicking a button on your smartphone. Plus, there is also a special tab to track your history of requests for reference.

The cherry on top? It doesn't matter if you’re a Smart, Sun, or TNT subscriber. Now, all it takes is a SIM card and smartphone, and you can take advantage of whole array of GCash services through your mobile phone. It’s as easy as grabbing the free app on Google Play Store or iOS App Store and registering for an account.

In the eyes of GCash, operated by Globe Fintech Innovations Inc. (Mynt), no network should be left behind. Even though it is a company led by Globe Telecom Inc., Ayala Corp., and Ant Financial, this new financial technology wonder is out to pave the way towards a cashless society by adopting a policy of inclusivity.

Long gone were the days where GCash was exclusive to one network. Now, anyone can participate in the cashless revolution and have access to greater convenience through the GCash app.

“We believe in the power of inclusivity. As we lead the push for financial inclusion across the different sectors of the society, we believe that providing a telco agnostic platform will help more Filipinos participate in the digital economy,” Mynt Vice President for Money Transfer Fred Levy said.

GCash is the new must-have in an age where technology reigns supreme. It is a mobile money service, regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, where you can buy load, purchase items, send and receive money, pay bills, and more using Globe, TM, Smart, Sun, or TNT — or the future telco player that everybody is raving about.

GCash, the leading and revolutionary mobile wallet in the Philippines, is designed to help users navigate through the modern, agile world of finance. So the next time that you find yourself knee deep in money troubles, just remember that your fellow GCash users are literally one tap away.


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