The Game of Human Hunting

Good guys always win in the movies. But does that actually apply in reality? Criminals all over the world try to run away from justice and it requires tremendous skill to actually capture fugitives. Running into criminal masterminds is a tough job because they could be the most resourceful and tactical people you could ever meet, which make it difficult for investigators to catch them.

If cops and robbers is the game for you, then you should tune in every Wednesday starting May 31 at 9pm to KIX’s newest reality show, Hunted. Join Lenny Depaul, Robert Clark, Myke Cole and the rest of Hunted’s investigation team as they track down 9 teams of two of fugitives in a span of 28 days. Follow their special team made up of army veterans, FBI detectives and intelligence agents as they search door-to-door trying to track wanted contestants down. Watch them work together to identify behavioral patterns, search their target’s homes and cellphone histories, as they try to arrest fleeing criminals.

Time is crucial because if the investigation team does not catch them within 28 days, the team of fugitives will win $250,000. Every move counts when it comes to figuring out how to capture them. Watch the process of how detectives work to capture a criminal; from studying their network and potentially figuring out their next move.

It is like playing a game of human chess. It is all about figuring out what the fugitive’s next steps are and being ahead of their next move by setting up traps based on their weaknesses and mistakes that could potentially lead to their capture.

Do the good guys have what it takes to capture the criminals? Or will the criminals successfully escape the system? Put your detective hats on and be on the look out! Watch Hunted every Wednesday at 9pm starting May 31 on KIX and get ready to hunt!

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